Faith At Home

We want to help provide families with resources, ideas and encouragement so your whole family can learn together and share your spiritual learning journey.

We have a library at church, Bible Activity Kits and occasionally we provide special resources to encourage you to nurture faith in your home.

Our Church Library

Our church library has many resources to help you pass on the faith to your children at home. Come in and browse our children and family section which has books, Bibles, games, music, Bible Activity Kits and DVDs. There is a play area available for smaller children while you browse.

Bible Activity Kits

Our Bible Activity Kits usually contain a children’s Bible story book and a game, some toys or a DVD that supports the story. They also have laminated instructions containing questions about the story, prayer points and suggested activities to do at home.

We hope that your children will really enjoy taking these kits home. We also hope that these kits can be a great tool for parents as you have the privilege of introducing your children to God’s love for them.