Weekly Message

Week Beginning Sunday 20th September 2020

Unlocking the Mystery of God’s Generosity

Services will be held at the church this week – there will be no Zoom Livestream. The link to video archives and podcasts is below.

To download the order of service for 8:45am click here

To download the order of service for 10:30am, click here

To download the sermon notes, click here

Faith Gym: Helping People Feel More than Welcome (beginning 19th August 2020):

For week 1, click here, here and here

For week 2, click here

For week 3, click here

For week 4, click here

To view video archives or listen to the messages via podcast simply click on the link below. If you then want to save the message click on ‘download’.


Podcasts & Video Archives of Weekly Messages



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