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A Modern Psalm

A Modern Psalm

“I kneel before You my God and King

In humble worship I bow down before Your Throne of bright gold

Blinded by Your Loving Power in the form of Jesus, Your Son

Surrounded by Your angels I join in their chorus

Not knowing the words yet my heart and spirit recognize them

My soul sings of Your Greatness, Your Majesty, as I gasp in wonder as Your Presence fills the Heavenly spaces

My eyes spill tears of joy at Your Perfect Beauty

It’s difficult to comprehend a person so pure in every way

To fathom the enormity of who You are and that You are Timeless

Without beginning or end

The complexity of Your Creation in every precise detail, fills me with such awe and wonder

Your Imagination My Father, it knows no bounds

I love You with every part of my being

You are my Greatest Love, my One True Lord, my Saviour and my Best Friend

And I will never stop Worshipping You all of my days”

Linda Bromley