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Being loved is more than a desire. It’s a need. We are created to be loved and to share love in return. But it’s not always easy, is it? Let’s face it. We all like it when love is reciprocated in a way that appeals to us. We feel valued, noticed, appreciated. A polite back…
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Jesus Is Driven into The Wilderness—So Too Are We!

If the temptation of Jesus was not real—if the wilderness that Jesus entered was not dangerous—then this story in Marks Gospel means absolutely nothing for you and me! A problem for many Christians is that they don’t take the temptation of Jesus seriously—they don’t want to believe that it actually happened—or believe that sin was…
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Chosen: To Be Loved And To Love

I find it absolutely incredible that God didn’t choose us randomly. Jesus says in John (15:16, ICB): “You did not choose Me. I chose you.”  It’s not about luck. It’s not a choice that ends in disappointment because we can all receive the reward of God’s grace now and eternal life in heaven with God…
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What Great Clothes

The idea is that God has given us great clothes, a “suit of Salvation” and a “robe of Righteousness”. These are beautiful clothes, and God tells us to put these wonderful clothes on each morning, and to wear them with pride. Pastor Paul Fielke Bible Readings: Isaiah 61:10,11 (NLT), Colossians 3:12-14 (GNT) Please check the…
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BFF: How Do We Show That We Love God?

There are many ways that I show love to the people around me.  But the way that I show love to people at home I cannot do for God!   I cannot cook Him tea or by washing His clothes!  I cannot take Him to after school activities or on holidays.  I cannot even give Him…
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What to do when (your) Moses dies!

Ok, so maybe you don’t personally know a “Moses” who has recently passed away, but maybe you’ve lost an important leader, or you are the “newly elected leader” of your “tribe”, or you are on the precipice of some massive life changes and are unsure of what lies ahead for yourself or your family, and…
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With Us… Always!

One Summer a few years ago a friend and I decided to go on a holiday to a place we hadn’t been before. We enjoyed exploring nature, walking on trails and driving along roads guided by the GPS… Until… a concerning message appeared on the screen: ‘Lost satellite reception’. After a few moments of spooling,…
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Dealing with Hecklers

Mark 1:21-28 “Dealing with hecklers: How to respond to people who react negatively to your Christian witness and lifestyle.” Do people sometimes have a go at you for your faith in Jesus?  In today’s Gospel we see Jesus responding to a demonic heckler with authority and grace.  There are lessons from this for us too. …
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Considering The Cost

Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at his feet. In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed. ~Luke 8:47 We are all subconsciously influenced and distracted in different ways by many things in life.…
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Life In God’s Kingdom

Today we’re looking at “Life in God’s Kingdom”. It’s so expansive. Every parable Jesus taught, every challenge he issued, every invitation he gave, every rebuke he uttered, every touch he delivered, every miracle he effected, every law he reinterpreted, every outcast he welcomed, every community he transformed, every blessing he conveyed, every life he changed,…
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