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Mrs. Colalancia’s Faith Story

Let’s hear from one of our school staff members (whom some of you may be familiar with. 😊) Mrs. Colalancia’s Faith Story Can you share the story about the time when you first remember hearing about God? Can you tell us about a time when it was hard to trust God? Can you tell us…
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Life As Community

When we consider all the material and digital distractions of this 21st century world that we live in, many are asking the question ‘have we lost our sense of community?’ It seems like there is even a lack of willingness to make the effort to connect with others; instead, we replace that idea with something…
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Mrs Hart’s Faith Story

Let’s hear from one of our teachers! Can you share the story about the time when you first remember hearing about God? Can you tell us about a time when it was hard to trust God? Can you tell us about a bible verse or story that is important to you and why? This week…
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Back To Basics: God’s Treasure

All people are loved by God. God’s treasure is those whose faith is in his son Jesus Christ, and being God’s treasure means that we are greatly loved. A love so great that God was willing to sacrifice his only son to save us and give us life! Pastor Paul Fielke Bible Readings: Romans 1:8-17 (NLT)…
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Jesus the Greatest Rebel

During Covid, we had to isolate from each other. It was difficult. In Jesus’ day, people with leprosy were regarded as unclean.  They had to isolate from everyone else.  They had to leave their families and live outside of town.  There were no hugs, no shaking hands, no cuddles, no contact. If someone came near, they had…
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Amazing Father (Father’s Day)

Once again Father’s Day is with us. How fascinating it would be to exchange our different memories about our dads.  There would be plenty of interesting stories to tell and feelings to share. Think about your Dad? What is, or was, he like? How would you describe him? How does he, or did he treat…
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Who Is the Greatest…Shepherd?

There have been millions of shepherds all over the world throughout time… but, really, who is the greatest? Let’s think about the role of a shepherd. They need to provide for and protect their sheep. Among other things, shepherds need to provide adequate food and water. Treatment is necessary if they succumb to parasites or…
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Jesus’ Witnesses to The World

Hope. With all of the change, pressures, and challenges we face in life we are all in need of hope. Thankfully Jesus offers us and the whole world hope. With Australia becoming more multicultural – 30% born overseas, 50% have a parent born overseas – there are many from all over the world looking for…
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G.O.A.T ~ Greatest Of All Time!

The term “G.O.A.T” stands for “Greatest of All Time,” and it is often used in sports and entertainment to refer to individuals who are considered the best or most exceptional in their respective fields. Here are a few reasons why JESUS is referred to as the “G.O.A.T”: Saviour:  We believe that Jesus is the promised saviour…
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Jesus Christ – God’s YES!

There are Many names for Jesus in the Bible – Saviour; Good Shepherd; Messiah; Immanuel to name a few. In the text for today’s sermon St Paul talks of Jesus as ‘God’s Yes’. When you think about that, it is really one of the most beautiful ways to describe Jesus, because “yes” implies action and…
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