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Yesterday was a special day for our Foundation students! Each child received their very own Bible, a gift from our Good Shepherd community (church and school).

We chatted about two things:

  1. Children are important to Jesus.
  2. The Bible is one way to get to know all about Him!

These days Bibles come in all shapes and sizes. Children’s Bibles, comic Bibles, study Bibles and online Bibles to name just a few. The thing that they all have in common is that they are God’s Word and indeed a very good way to get to know about His love for us.

The Bible tells of adventures, the highs and lows of different people who were part of God’s big story.  It also tells us about God’s Son, Jesus. How he loved and cared for people by sharing time with them, listening to them, teaching and healing them. The Bible also shares the story that we will be talking about in the lead up to Easter, of when Jesus gave up His life and came alive again to save us from our sin.

Foundation families, we encourage you explore your child’s Bible with them. Look at the pictures, read the stories, enjoy sharing time together!

For everyone one else, why not see if you have a Bible somewhere at home? Or perhaps look for one online. (biblegateway.com offers an array of choices!) Explore and discover smaller stories woven together as part of Gods’ big story and His love for us.…and as you read, you will find words of connection, love, hope, peace and comfort from our loving God. You are important to Him too!

God bless you all