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Calling on the Lord

Calling on the Lord

Who would you like to see call on the name of the Lord?

Maybe someone like John:
“My wife of 45 years, who is only 65, has dementia that has rapidly progressed over the last year. Thank you for sharing your story. I am inspired by your story.”

Or someone like Chris:
“Religions are divisive and poisonous. They keep people in ignorance and fear.”

Or someone like James:
“My wife and I are super excited. I’ve been scratching my head for this info for years and I will be sure to tell my friends to swing on by.”

There can be great joy when someone calls on the name of the Lord and they have hope in Jesus Christ. How is God calling and equipping you to share his good news with people you meet?

Thanks, and God bless you all.
Pr Richard Fox

Bible Readings: Isaiah 55:10-13; Romans 10:11-17; John 20:19-23

Please check the website www.paravista.org.au for podcasts and video archives of weekly messages or head to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/goodshepherdparavista for regular updates and encouragement from our ministry team.

Prayer Requests

Please forward all prayer requests to the church office via churchenquiries@paravista.org.au or phone 8263 5087. If you know or have spoken to anyone who does not have access to a computer, please assist them to submit their request and offer to pray with them. Prayer requests are not included in the weekly news online. If you would like to view the current requests please refer to the email that alerted you to this Weekly News.

Grow Ministry Update

The Grow Team’s Missional Faith Formation Mind Map is now accessible in the cafe area for our community to ponder and add to.  How can we pass on our faith and help people encounter Jesus in our current culture and time?  What might it look like for our congregation to expand and extend our presence beyond the church walls?  And how could our congregation provide support and encourage people along the pathway of faith formation?  We look forward to continuing to explore this with Holy Spirit’s leading:

“A community which intentionally develops intergenerational relationships to grow faith in Jesus so that He can build His Kingdom here and now.”

Kathy Liebig
Grow Team Leader

LCA International Mission News

In the delta area of Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea, Hanna Schulz and her colleagues are working to train local people to proclaim God’s word in their own languages and among their own communities. This training takes a few different shapes, including Oral Bible Storying (OBS), training in Scripture use, and training in literacy (so that people can access the Bible, along with education and other resources).

This training is happening at the Oroi’io Madei (Living Word) Training Centre in Ubuo Village, Gulf Province. While a classroom and meeting area has been built and is well used, what is needed now is a dormitory. How can we host workshops without somewhere for people to sleep? With much difficulty… which is why we are building a dorm, a task with which we need your help!

To donate to this cause, go to https://wycliffe.org.au/projects/ubuo-training-centre-png/ or talk to Ian Hutchinson to find out more.

Family Support Coordinator News, from Georgie

Growing Faith at Home

Dear Church Family,

Waiting is not always easy. (We find ourselves in this season right now as we wait for our new Pastor…)  But interestingly, the title of our GFH resource for this week is ‘Are you ready?’ Food for thought!

The resource is focusing on Jesus’ return…there are some great caring conversations to try out with your family, friends, and small group. Share about a time when you had to wait for something. Jesus tells us to be always ready for him to return. What can we do to be ready for him?

On another note, the husband of one of my beloved Christian mentors ‘was promoted to glory’ last week. They both showed me examples of what a Christian walk looks like…they didn’t just talk about it.  They loved and served God and others!  In talking with her in the last few days, she continued to point me to Jesus and the confidence we have in him. The reason I am bringing this up is because of the Service idea in GFH. Who have been examples of faith to member of your household? Write letters to these people, thanking them for their example.

I’d love to hear stories about the people who have mentored you in the faith! Let’s chat soon! God bless your week!

School Snippets

We love opportunities to connect with each other. Some of the Curiosity (ELC) students came over to visit their school age buddies at the school this week. Just one of the highlights we enjoyed! For more of what we have been up to, please check out our Week Two Newsletter by following this link: https://bit.ly/3P1kYej

If you would like a paper copy of the school newsletter pick one up from the stand in the Café area. Alternatively, just ask Georgie and she is happy to organise one for you!

Chapel Invitation

What are you up to at 10 to 9 (8:50am) on a Wednesday morning? We would love for you to join us for Chapel. This week we continued our theme of ‘Doors’, and the choices we get to make. Have a look at this week’s devotion in the Weekly News for a reflection on the choices that Paul and Silas made while they were in prison. Next week a group of Year 5 and 6 students will be presenting the message for the final week of our ‘Doors’ theme. You are most welcome to attend!

Face masks will be required for parents and visitors. To enter, please come in via the courtyard (not the Montague Road main entrance). Seating for non-school staff adults will be in the church hall (as the church auditorium will be full of children!)

Office News

Church Security

A small change has been made to the lock up procedure for all those rostered on to church lockup. Request the AV room doors are to be locked when securing the premises from now on.

If you have been issued with a church key and code, you will be rostered on at least once per year for Sunday lock up unless you have notified the office that you are unable to do lockup. Please check the hospitality roster when it is released and if not available, please swap with another key holder or notify staff.

Financial Assistance – Arsha

A huge thank you to all who have donated to assist Arsha Noroozi in his quest for permanent residency in Australia. Fundraising has exceeded our expectations and Arsha’s final account has been covered. Excess funds have been placed in trust for possible future expenses of this nature should they occur.

Congregational Contacts

Due to the turnover of office staff and running from an older version of outlook in recent years we have discovered a few discrepancies in the email contact lists. We are working to resolve this and ask for patience as we do so. As a result, you may discover that you are not receiving the weekly news reminder or emails you require for your rostered positions. Please email churchenquiries@paravista.org.au or contact the office if you find you are not receiving information you require. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Morning Tea and Coffee

For health and welfare of our members and guests we have decided to revert to the COVID-safe serving of morning tea. If you are rostered for serving, please serve the milk and sugar to guests. This should assist in preventing the spread of COVID or influenza. We will monitor this and return to self-serve as soon as we believe it to be safe.

Car Parking and Attendants 18th August

The ladies fellowship will be holding the Northern Zone rally here on 18th August. If you are available to assist with traffic control on the day, please advise the church office of your availability. Time required will be from 8.45-9.45am & 3–4pm. Parking in the church car park may be at a premium on the day so please be prepared to park on the street and observe directional travel and your speed.

Caretaking Volunteers

A huge thank you to those who volunteered their time to reach into the community with the love of Christ and assisted with the SA Health COVID-19 vaccination hub over the past two months. Hub staff could not thank volunteers enough for making them feel welcome and interacting with the community in a way they had not experienced before. For those who assisted it bought our mission statement to life!



And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested.

1 Chronicles 4:10


We are a Covid-Safe Church

Please consider the health and safety of others and do not attend the church if you are feeling unwell. We continue to practice good hygiene and respect the discretion of individuals to wear/not wear a mask. Thank you!

In observing Christ’s command to love one another, we are to treat each other with respect and dignity. In honouring people, we are also fulfilling our responsibility under the law of the land. The LCA and Good Shepherd Para Vista is committed to implementing processes to ensure the church is a safe place. If anyone feels they have been subjected to sexual abuse or harassment in any form by anyone who holds a position of trust in the church, please contact:

P: 1800 644 628 E: report.abuse@safeplace.lca.org.au

Weekly News Submissions should be made by the Wednesday prior to Friday publication.

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