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Category: Weekly News

Our Core Business

The Church does many good things in our world and so we should. But we mustn’t neglect our core business. Paul tells us that God appointed him a herald and apostle because “our God and Saviour wants all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.” Pr. Steen Olsen Bible Reading…
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What’s Your Story?

No matter where I go, when I meet people within the Lutheran Church, I’m forever being asked: “So, what’s your story?” Folks want to know all the details: where did I come from, where did I grow up, who am I related to? It seems everybody has a story, and we want to know it.…
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Knowing Our Father’s Love

This Fathers’ Day, I’m going to talk to you about God being our heavenly Father, specifically unpacking on what basis it is, that we can call him “Father.” What is often missed in the discussion of the fatherhood of God is the way it is grounded biblically in Christ the Son.  The point is that…
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Jesus Doesn’t Play That Game!

We have the command from Jesus to treat our neighbours with love. But the Christian response never begins with a command. Here’s something written by the German Theologian, Helmut Thielicke: “Is it really true that everything begins with the command ‘You must’?  Or does it not rather begin with our first being given something?  The…
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Grace is a free gift of God and means you are beloved, whether you deserve it or not. In Grace the focus is on Jesus. Join Pastor Matt Thiele via video as he explores what it means to be ‘beloved’ as he opens up 1 John. Bible Reading for this Week: 1 John 2:7 Please…
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Finding Hope in Hard Times

On Sunday Pastor Stephen Abraham will share his personal journey through chronic pain and disability, and how he has found hope in hard times.  Retired due to spinal injury, Stephen nonetheless has a vocation to convey the love of God through music and contemplative practices that bring hope and healing to others. You can find…
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Calling on the Lord

Who would you like to see call on the name of the Lord? Maybe someone like John: “My wife of 45 years, who is only 65, has dementia that has rapidly progressed over the last year. Thank you for sharing your story. I am inspired by your story.” Or someone like Chris: “Religions are divisive…
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A Surprising God

This week’s service is entitled, “A Surprising God”.  When we look back over our lives, we might find that God has prepared the way or guided us in surprising ways. This is the first in a series of interviews with people who will share their faith journey and how God has guided and shaped their…
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Relational Prayer

At its simplest, prayer is a conversation between two people who love each other. That means prayer is not about perfecting the correct methodology. Instead, it’s about growing in this love relationship where we can respond with all we are, to all that Father God is to us.  When it comes to praying, we’ve already…
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God said, “Ask for Whatever you Want.”

If you could ask God for anything you wanted – what would you ask for? Would it be pleasing to God? Solomon was given this option and he asked for ‘wisdom’, but what is wisdom? Bishop Stephen Schulz unpacks what this meant for Solomon and what it means for us today. Is God’s offer still open…
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