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Category: Weekly News

Identity and Restoration

My Identity is in Christ, however, sometimes I still struggle with my brokenness and how I perceive myself. How can I reconcile that, is there hope for more freedom in this life? Michael Mavromatis Bible Readings: John 17:20-23, Luke 4:18-19, John 10:10 (NIV)   Please check the website www.paravista.org.au for podcasts and video archives of weekly messages…
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The Good Shepherd

These days we are very conscious of our mental health and also body conscious, but do you ever give much thought to your “soul”? On this “Good Shepherd” Sunday we reflect on verse 3 of the 23rd Psalm: “He restores my soul.” Pray that our Good Shepherd might do that for you and for those…
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A Surprising God – Fan into Flame the Gift of God

What does it mean for us to be chosen by God? What does it mean that God’s work in us is greater than anything we could do for God? What does it mean to faithfully serve God where we are? I’d love to share my story of how God has helped me wrestle with these…
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The Awe of Easter

The Easter season is one of celebration, and joy, and victory. It is a truly awesome time for Christians. In Sunday’s sermon we will reflect on just how AWEsome Easter is. Pr. Paul Fielke Bible Readings: Mark 16:1-7 (NLT) Please check the website www.paravista.org.au for podcasts and video archives of weekly messages or head to our Facebook…
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The Three Gardens

In the Garden of Eden our first parents disobeyed God and were ashamed.  They broke the close relationship with God.  In the Garden of Gethsemane, the disciples couldn’t stay awake to support Jesus in his suffering.  And, in the cemetery on Easter morning his followers came looking only for a corpse. What will you see…
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See, Your King Comes to You…To Be for You!

See your King comes to you…to be for you. But who cares? Who even wants a king these days. Our ideal leader has moved away from someone who commands and directs and rules. We want someone who collaborates and co-creates with us. Anyone and everyone can lead…can’t they? Maybe. The desire to have control over…
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Life In the Spirit

For many of us Christians, living as a child of God is a depressing struggle as we try to become better disciples of Jesus. We mostly feel ashamed and guilty when we take our “spiritual temperature”. Is this what God wants for us? Pr. Steen Oslen Bible Readings: Romans 8: 1-11 (NLT) Please check the…
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Freedom From Bitterness

This Sunday we will be looking at forgiving others. There is no way you can live life meaningfully connected to others and not have to deal with the challenge of forgiving someone who has hurt you. Forgiving someone is not easy. It doesn’t feel fair, and it doesn’t seem right. And yet if we hang…
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Where Do You Stand?

The Christian’s foundation for life is found in Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation and eternal life. One of the key passages for guidance on the foundation for life is found in the book of Matthew, where Jesus tells the parable about a wise man who built his house on a rock, and…
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A Surprising God-Loving Jesus More than Religion

Let me tell you the best news you’ll ever hear. For, it’s not about following all the rules and regulations that religion demands and being burdened with guilt, shame and regrets. Rather it’s all about Jesus. Allowing him to take control of our lives, to be in the driver’s seat as He invites us along…
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