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Christmas Challenges

Christmas Challenges

Have you ever read through the story of Jesus’ birth thinking about all the challenges that were encountered? Here are just a few:

  • Mary was not married at the time of conception, a big problem in that time and culture.
  • Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth and the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem, over a hundred kilometers away.
  • Bethlehem was booked out by the time Mary and Joseph arrived.

But as each challenge emerged, Mary and Joseph chose to put their trust in God, and he led them through.

  • Joseph married Mary.
  • A census was called just at that time and the two made their way to Bethlehem, to be counted there.
  • They found some shelter. (Albeit humble, smelly and about as far away as you could imagine from something fitting for the King of kings as he made his way into the world.)

The birth of Christ heralded in a new era. God came to us… I love the name ‘Immanuel’. One of the names for Jesus. It means ‘God with us.’ (See Isaiah 7:14b). It is comforting to remember that no matter what we face, we aren’t alone.

Furthermore, what we see as problems are no match for God’s love, plans and purposes. Everyone experiences challenges in life. Trusting and depending on God in the confusing times, especially when things don’t seem to be working out in the way we think, is something to hold onto, today and every day!

God’s guidance, peace, love, and hope be with you!