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Come As You Are: Unique

Come As You Are: Unique

I have two little ones at home. Little Miss Wiggles and Mr. Poops-a-lot are growing up really fast! They rely on me and Mrs Kupke for protection, for guidance as they learn and grow, and ultimately, for love. But sometimes we as parents don’t get it right because we’re not perfect.


Thankfully, we can also become children of God! And God is perfect. As John 1:12 (ICB) says: “Some people did accept Jesus. They believed in him. To them he gave the right to become children of God.” All the stuff that Ellen and I do as parents imperfectly is what God does for His children perfectly, all the time. Jesus goes on to say in John (15:16, ICB): “You did not choose Me. I chose you.”


We are chosen by Him to become children of God. How unique does that make us?! God didn’t choose us randomly. It’s not about luck because we can all receive the reward. That reward is God’s grace now, that he is able and willing to forgive us and love us, as well as eternal life in heaven with God in the future. God has chosen us, and when we believe and put our trust in Jesus, we become children of God.


To be fair, my parents gave me grace that I didn’t deserve a lot when I was growing up. One time, when I was about eight, we were travelling in New Zealand. I wanted to get a good picture of a seal, but my Dad wanted me to stay where I was because the rocks were slippery. I didn’t listen and kept walking further out. Sure enough, I stacked it, dropped my camera, and got upset. Now my Dad could’ve easily turned around and said, “I told you so.” But instead, he extended grace even though I stuffed up. He comforted me as I was so upset that my camera broke and all the photos, I’d taken on that film were ruined.


God knew that we would continually need his grace. That’s why it’s special that we’re all in the unique, wonderful position as a child of God. God wants us to come back to him when we stuff up and don’t listen. He wants to love, guide, protect and provide for us because we are his children.

Jason Kupke