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Congratulations on your decision to get married. If you would like your wedding to occur at Good Shepherd we can serve you in the following ways.

If you would prefer another pastor to conduct the service, we are happy to discuss this with you. Most marriages conducted by the pastors of Good Shepherd take place in the church, but they are open to discussing alternative venues.

Marriages celebrated at Good Shepherd have a Christian foundation. The pastors are required to use an authorised marriage order. While this means there are some specific sections that cannot be changed, the order is flexible and couples are able to work with the pastor to develop the order for their special day.

Marriage has a number of legal requirements. The Notice of Intent needs to be completed at least one month and one day before the wedding. The Government requires you to provide your birth certificate when signing the Notice of Intent along with your “Decree Nisi” if you have been divorced or your previous partner’s death certificate if this is applicable. We recommend this form is signed well before the required date when you meet with the pastor to discuss your wedding plans.

Marriage is a commitment and blessing for which you can never be over prepared. For this reason it is a requirement that all couples married through this church complete a pre-marriage preparation course. Prepare Enrich is offered through Good Shepherd Church, by calling Merv & Ros Thiele on 0429 009 847. Alternatively, couples can access marriage preparation through Lutheran Community Care- Ph. 08 8331 3111.

There is a fee to be married at Good Shepherd. This fee enables us to provide the necessary personnel to ensure the church is ready for your wedding and all equipment runs well on the day.

To enquire about having your wedding at Good Shepherd please call our office, 8263 5087 from 9am- 3pm Tues-Fri. Or email churchenquiries@paravista.org.au

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