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There is a time for everything,

And a season for every activity under the heavens.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Do any of you remember playing a game of “What’s the time Mr. Wolf”? I remember playing it lots as a child – particularly after church. The game is where everyone stands in a line and gradually moves closer to the wolf (as far as they dare) and ask, “What’s the time Mr. Wolf”, until he finally turns around and says “DINNER TIME” and chases everyone.

Now, I’m not saying that God is a wolf – so please don’t let that be today’s take home! But I wonder if we actually ask Him what season, or what time it is for us? “What’s the time Mr. God?” Our reading from Ecclesiastes tells us that there are different times. So surely, we would want to know what season we are in. Just because we were in a season 5 years ago, or last year, or even last month, doesn’t mean that it is the same today (but then again, it might be!).

This is all to do with vocation. Where and what is God calling you to do? And here’s the thing, you can do many vocations at once (this is not just women, men can do many at the same time too!). Has God called you to be a wife, a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a daughter, a son? But looking broader than your own family life – how has God called you to serve Him in the world? This might be through your paid work, or your volunteer work, your service in the church…the list goes on.

This all takes discernment – when should I do something, and when should I stop? You can see this clearly when a pastor gets a call to a new parish. Where am I called to now? (When a pastor gets a call, he actually has two calls – one to where he is serving currently, and one to a new place). But this calling is not just for pastors – it’s for everyone! What does God call me to do? By prayer and reading His Word, as well as talking with fellow believers we can discern our call. You might like to consider too that God’s call may not necessarily be to what you want to do, but what God calls you to.

The Christian life is a life of asking “what’s the time?” Where to now God? What would you have me do? For there are many seasons in life, and God knows them all, and is with us through them all.

One final thought, as Christians we are all called (that is, it is our vocation) to feast on God’s Word, and on His sacrament in Communion. So, what’s the time? DINNER TIME!


O Lord, heavenly Father, You have promised to watch over Your children wherever they may be and to guide them in all their ways. Be our Guide in our work and help us to work in such a way that You will be pleased. Give us the wisdom necessary to make the proper decision in problems which confront us daily.

Above all else, remind us continually by Your Spirit that You have called us by Your Gospel to be Your children. Grant us a better understanding of our Christian vocation so that all I do may reflect glory upon You.

Help us to use our talents wisely in our work. Enable us to be a blessing to those with whom and for whom we work, to their joy, and to Your glory. Amen

Jacob Fabich