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Encounters with Jesus 3: Andrew – the Hour has Come

Encounters with Jesus 3: Andrew – the Hour has Come

In our Lent-Easter worship series, Encounters with Jesus, we’re following Jesus from his raising of Lazarus to his resurrection (based on John 11-20).

Over these weeks, we are hearing stories from people who encountered Jesus. With each character’s name, there’s a tag word or phrase to describe their experience.

This Sunday: Andrew – The Hour Has Come

Once a follower of John the Baptist, Andrew became a disciple of Jesus. The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Peter and bring him to Jesus.

Later Andrew brought a boy with his lunch box to Jesus, which in Jesus’ hands ended up feeding more than 5000 people. In Sunday’s reading, Andrew brings some Greeks to come and see Jesus.  Andrew loved to bring people to Jesus.

If you’ve been reading through the John’s account, you would have noted the opposition to Jesus: 

  • It is flagged in John 1:11: ‘He came to that which was his own. But his own did not receive him.’
  • In chapter 2, Jesus clears the temple courts and is questioned about his authority.
  • In chapter 5, when Jesus heals on the Sabbath and claims to be doing his Father’s work, they want to kill him (Jn 5:16-18).

From then on, the religious leaders of Jerusalem treated him with hostility and were looking for a way to kill him (Jn 7:1). Despite their ongoing threats, we read that Jesus’ time/hour had not yet come (Jn 2:4, 7:6, 7:8, 7:30, 8:20, 8:59).

We get a clear sense that Jesus is steadily moving towards his destiny for which he had come: the time of his sacrificial death by being ‘lifted up’ on the cross. Everyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (Jn 3:14-16).

In this week’s reading, Jesus tells Andrew and Philip:

“The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”  (Jn 12:23-24 NIV)

Jesus knows that his death is imminent. Paradoxically, Jesus will be glorified when he is ‘lifted up’ on the cross.

John regards the cross as Jesus’ coronation and supreme exaltation:

  • His anointing is Mary’s act of worship.
  • His crown is one of thorns.
  • His coronation gown is a purple robe draped as mockery.
  • His charge sheet: King of the Jews, is ironically his true title.
  • His exaltation to kingly office is the cross.
  • His last word shouted at death: “It is finished!” is declaration of victory.

At the cross, we see the glory of God’s love for us in Jesus. As you contemplate the cross, may the Holy Spirit give you a fresh appreciation of Jesus’ love for you!

Pr Rolly

Bible Reading: John 12:20-33 (see also John 1:29-42, Mark 1:16-20, John 6:1-11).

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Consultation Sessions

The Board, Ministry Coordination Group and Call Committee of Good Shepherd would like to invite all our members to two consultation sessions.

These will be held on Wednesday 23rd & 30th March at 7:30pm in Good Shepherd Hall.

This consultation is open to the whole of our community and is a listening exercise to discern God’s will for Good Shepherd at this time.

It is hoped that a renewed sense of shared ownership can be held by all in our community.  This will help prioritise future actions and activities.

It is not a constituted meeting where decisions are formally made, but a listening and consultation process.

Please keep this in your prayers and make a note of these dates.

Lutheran Care Food Collections

Thanks for your generous support of the February food collection. This has been collected by Lutheran Care and is already being distributed to families in need.

Our next collection will be on Sunday March 27th at both services. Donations can also be delivered to the church office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9-3.

Requests for March are:

  • tinned tuna, biscuits, 2 minute noodles, cereal (boxes), washing powder

Thanks for your continued support,

Lutheran Care Support Team

Family Support Coordinator News

Growing Faith at Home

Dear Church Family,

Let’s face it… being patient isn’t the most fun. Have you discussed what this looks like in your family or circle of friends? Try these Caring Conversations: When do you find it hard to be patient? Read Jesus’ parable about the fig tree (Luke 13:6-8) How is God patient with us? The gardener in the parable asked for another year to help the tree bear fruit. In what ways do you think God might like to see you grow or change in the next year of your life?

I also like the Service idea for this week…carving a cross out of a bar of soap to share with your family at home, or perhaps as a gift for someone. Maybe you could talk about how Jesus cleanses us from our sin as you work together on this project…

For people who like origami style activities, you might like to create an Easter cross. You can find it on the website: https://paravista.org.au/ministries/children-family-ministry/

We have some copies of the Grow Together newsletter available on the stand in the café area. Help yourself! There is a suggestion for Grandparents to bless their grandchildren (or other young people in the congregation) with letters… a powerful way to build and nurture relationship. There is also a quote from someone who is putting faith conversations into practice on page 2.   “I’m learning that faith really needs to be intentional (this is often the starting point) but it’s the relational moments where the really pertinent conversations take place.” There is also a Lenten prayer cross on page 4 for ideas to pray about.

God bless your week!

Little Lambs Update

Dear Church Family,

Do you have a heart for little ones? Our community values opportunities to connect with families with little ones. Sharing time together, chatting over a coffee as little ones play is its own reward. Creating an environment where relationships can be formed and nurtured is a wonderful area of ministry!  If this is something you feel led to be a part of, I would love to hear from you. There are plenty of resources ready to go thanks to the creativity, generosity and love of previous Little Lambs team leaders. Please contact me via email at georgie.schuster@paravista.org.au or chat with me sometime about this valuable opportunity.

Will keep you posted on Little Lamb’s next chapter. Watch this space!


What is NOVO?

NOVO is the SA-NT District camp for young people in Year’s 7-12, held annually in the April school holidays. NOVO aims to grow our young people I the faith and encourage them to talk about that faith with others. There are daily times of praise and worship, teaching opportunities to unpack and discuss teaching in small groups, awesome games, and activities, and plenty of time to forge and strengthen friendships with other young people.

It is held at Cornerstone College, Mt Barker April 20-23. A significant sponsorship is available for first time campers. For others (leaders/ campers) we have a discount code available. See Georgie or the Church Office for details. For more information or to register, head to: https://www.blueprintministires.org.au/camps/novo/

God bless your week!

Next Grow Ministries Workshop

Our next workshop with Grow Ministries is on Saturday 26th March 8.45-1pm here at Para Vista.  We will focus on “Missional Faith Formation”.  Look beyond the walls of our church buildings and seek to understand the people in our local communities.  Who are the spiritual but not religious in our area?  What about church refugees?  Why is it important to understand those we are trying to reach?  We explore models and approaches for missional outreach and pathways for encountering Jesus.

Everyone is welcome!  If you would like to come along, please email churchenquiries@paravista.org.au to register. Tea and coffee will be provided but please BYO morning tea.

As our community seeks Father’s leading, how can you serve our community with the gifts and abilities God has given you?  And how could you encourage someone younger within our community to serve?”

A community which intentionally develops intergenerational relationships to grow faith in Jesus so that He can build His Kingdom here and now.”

Kathy Liebig
Grow Team Leader

School Snippets                       

The Great Community Picnic

While we weren’t able to gather for our Welcome Party this year, we have been thinking creatively of ways that we can connect! Last week we sent home picnic gift bags to our ELC and school families. We encouraged people to visit one of the suggested picnic locations or host a picnic of their own and connect with others in our Good Shepherd family! Families are beginning to share photos of their celebrations. If you would like to see more about this, or find out about other things we are up to, have a look at our newsletter ‘WINGS’: https://bit.ly/3CPxTLS


It was an exciting morning for our Foundation (first year of Primary school) students on Wednesday. Each Foundation child received their very own Bible, a gift from our Good Shepherd Community (church and school). The Chapel message for our Foundation children focused on two things. Children are important to Jesus and the Bible is one way to get to know all about Him. Other students followed the Bible theme in their Chapel message too.  We invite you to join us for this week’s Bible Chapel: https://bit.ly/3iiWBek

Office News

We still do not have a dedicated person to fulfill the office position. The office will continue with volunteer staff and Rachel working remotely.  Please be patient as the office may not be open on some days and will continue to be closed on Fridays.  Please leave a message on the answering system or email the office and staff will get back to you as soon as they can.

Our two office ladies will be participating in an online Secretaries Day on Tuesday 22 March.  The office will still be open this day.

COVID Update

Masks and QR coding are still required.  Our density restrictions have been lifted and we are now back to full seating without distancing.  Hospitality is included in the lifted density restrictions so we can enjoy tea & coffee without having to distance   I do request to keep the ventilation open as much as possible and cleaning the facility after each use spraying with sanitiser. (DO NOT wipe as this only spreads the bacteria.) Thanks to all members who have respected the requests of our leaders and continued to make our place of worship a safe place.

Courtyard use – Tea and Coffee

The courtyard will still be available to enjoy the outdoors while connecting with others and enjoying a hot beverage.

Holy Communion – Serving

Holy Communion will be celebrated using the pre COVID directions for attending the table. Worship hosts will guide you.  Serving will remain the same.

“He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth;

he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent,

so he did not open his mouth.”

Isaiah 53:7

We are a Covid-Safe Church

The church is required to comply with current Covid-19 arrangements as mandated by the State Government. QR Code check-in is a legal requirement for all who enter the facility, as are masks except where exemptions apply.   If you do not have the ability to check in using this code, please check in with a host or sign the records sheet with your name and telephone number. Please respect the safety of staff and others by complying with current distancing regulations.

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