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Faith Stories…

Faith Stories…

I’d love to travel back in time to visit some of the people I read about in the bible. I’d love to ask them questions!

For example:

Can you tell (me/us) about a time when it was hard to trust God?

How did that story end?

I’d be curious to hear Abraham reflect on when he and his wife left all that was familiar to place that God had in mind (and the challenges he encountered along the way).

It would be interesting to hear Paul share his thoughts about the literal storms he faced, or his time spent in jail…

How about you? How would you respond to these questions? What promises from God (or bible verses) are you anchored to when the weather gets rough?

This morning we heard from one of our past students. Please click on the link https://www.youtube.com/@goodshepherdlutheranschool/videos to see and hear her share some of her faith story. In case you have missed it, you will also be able to view interviews from some of our staff at school in the same location.

God bless your week everyone!