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Fortress of Awesome

Fortress of Awesome

Have you ever built a fort before? What kinds of things did you put in it? How did you protect it?


February Week 3, 2021
Pastor Reid Matthias

Reading: Psalm 147:12-20

Exalt the Lord, Jerusalem; praise your God, Zion! For he strengthens the bars of your city gates and blesses your children within you. ~Psalm 147:12,13

In front of my parents’ house sat two squat lilac bushes. For years, these delightful smelling shrubs were a source of constant pleasure, for the nose, yes, but also for the large space inside of them which made a great place for we kids to make a fort. Too big for adults, this fort was a refuge for many conversations, covert ops and joyous moments of connection.

This fort, though, needed to be protected, so we built various obstacles barring outsiders (whether imaginary or real) from entering. These bars helped us to feel safe.

If you (as an adult or child) built a fort today, what would it look like? What materials? How would it be protected?

Now, imagine your life as a fortress of awesome, built for conversations, ‘covert ops’ and joyous moments of connection. I hope you realise that God strengthens the bars of your fort and blesses you as you move about in your fort!