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Give Me a Sign – Matthew 2:1-12

Give Me a Sign – Matthew 2:1-12

When they saw the star, they were overwhelmed with joy. ~Matthew 2:10

I wish every great decision or turning point in life had a sign, or a star, or a pillar of fire or a cloud by night and day to lead us. That would make this journey through life infinitely easier, don’t you think?

Imagine, you’re coming to a crossroads in life, a decision whether to get married, take another job, have another child and suddenly there appears something a little larger than a still small voice on top of the lonely mountain. Maybe an emu laying an egg in my front yard?

For the wise men, whether they expected it or not, they were savvy enough to follow the sign, a star, to Bethlehem to encounter the Saviour. And when they saw the star and the Saviour, they were overwhelmed with joy.

I hope that you are overwhelmed with joy in whatever way that God sends a sign to you today.

Pastor Reid Matthias