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God’s Provision

God’s Provision

Two people were running late for the bus.

1 person ran the whole way, never stopping to get there in time.

1 person strolled casually but prayed the whole way asking God for them to get the bus. Who do you think got the bus?

Today we looked at the weird/crazy/ewww story of Jesus telling Peter to throw his fishing line into the lake and pulling out a fish with a coin in its mouth to pay His taxes. Have a look at Matthew 17:24-27!

This is a strange story indeed, but it’s teaching us about the provisions given to us by God. It’s important to remember though, that even though God gives us what we need and provides for us, we still need to help ourselves. We need to be the ones running to the bus, practicing kindness and working towards our future. God does provide abundantly. We might not find that provision in fishes’ mouths, but we can see it in the everyday things.

What kind of things can you be thankful for that God has provided for you?

Eve Ormsby