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Good Friends

Good Friends

It’s always handy to have friends by your side. Someone to share in the joys and struggles. Someone to pick you up when you stumble. Someone to provide when you come short.

In the book of Daniel we read about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. These were three friends who were dragged off into slavery together. No doubt their friendship sustained them in the difficult times living in a foreign land, serving a foreign king. During one of these difficult times they stood up for what they believed in even when their own lives were in danger. You can read about it in Daniel, Chapter 3.

A good friend is there with you even when things get tough. They don’t abandon you when it’s hard. They don’t give up on their principals. I am inspired by the courage of these three friends and I pray that you may have good friends to share your difficult times with too. May you be a good friend when those you love are tested.

Pastor Joel Cramer