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He Loves You The Same …

He Loves You The Same …

In my new role, have learned many new skills and completed some hard tasks.  There were times that I didn’t think that I would be able to work out what to do or how to solve the problem.  I am sure that there have been these same moments when you have had to do something hard.

God Loves you the same today as he did that day and at that time.

There have been times this year when I have felt scared and alone.  At these times I have cried, prayed, and talked to friends.  I am sure that over the last twelve months there have been times that you have felt scared or worried.

God Loves you the same today as he did then.

I got angry the other day, I tried to stay calm – do my square breathing and counting up in prime numbers.  But I still yelled a little.  I am sure that you have felt frustrated or angry before.

God Loves you the same today as he did that day.

There are so many different things that happen in our lives – good, fun hard, scary and exciting.  I believe that GOD has given us people in our lives to support us. There are times when we hurt one another or make a B choice, but the best thing is that we can repair these mistakes by asking for forgiveness and seeking help to not make the same mistake again.

Psalm 139 talks about God knowing us intimately – he knew us before we were born, he knows our every move.  He knows when things are hard and when we are having great fun.  God Loves you the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

As you go into the Christmas season, I pray that each of you are able to see that God Loves you the same today and tomorrow.  I pray that you seek him and find him ready to serve and fill you with his joy and peace.

Evie Stevens