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I Love Breakfast

I Love Breakfast

I love breakfast. The idea of starting my day without some good food just doesn’t enter my head, even if it means I’m running a bit late for work. No, not a cooked breakfast, which is lots of people’s first choice; just a big mixed bowl of healthy cereals topped with chopped up fruit and fresh plain yoghurt. Tastes so good and keeps me going til lunchtime. Some people do without breakfast. How, how, how do they even get to work or school, let alone get through the morning?  No, breakfast for me is a priority.

There is another essential for me in the morning, although unfortunately I slip up on this more often, despite knowing how good and important and healthy it is for me. Spending a bit of quiet time, often as I munch my cereal (that’s the noisy bit), reading from the Bible and letting God speak to me and give me some food for my soul.  The truth is, in terms of eternity, that food is far more important than any healthy cereal.

There’s one thing in your life that’s without a doubt

Jesus is the fuel you can’t do without.

Everybody knows the golden rule;

You can’t get anywhere without Jesus fuel.

You can’t get through your day without Jesus fuel.

You won’t feel so good without Jesus fuel.

You just won’t survive without Jesus fuel.

Chris Jaensch