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Jesus Fuel

Jesus Fuel

You don’t have to look far these days to find a magazine or newspaper article, or a lifestyle programme on TV, radio or podcast, that focuses on healthy living and gives guidance on how to avoid many ailments and conditions ranging from the common cold to heart disease, diabetes and overweight. All kinds of advice are given, some standard and some quite alternative. Most of the experts would agree that the basics for good health are a healthy diet, plenty of water, and sufficient and regular exercise and sleep. Great for this earthly life but what about eternal life? Strangely very few recognise or mention spiritual food, what I call in this song, ‘Jesus Fuel’. How good would it be to see a lifestyle programme or popular magazine include this as one of the basics, even the most important of all? Let’s face it. There are lots of spiritual diseases out there ready to infect us, all threatening eternal death. And eternity is so much longer than this life.

Matt 6:31-33, 1 Peter 2:2, Matt 4:4, Acts 20:32, John 6:35-40.

There’s one thing in your life that’s without a doubt.

Jesus is the fuel you can’t do without.

Everybody knows the golden rule;

You can’t get anywhere without Jesus’ fuel.

You can’t get through your day without Jesus’ fuel.

You won’t feel so good without Jesus’ fuel.

You just won’t survive without Jesus’ fuel.

This is the chorus from Jesus Fuel, one of the songs on Chris Jaensch’s THUMBS UP music album. Why not check Chris’s website chrisjaensch.com for the rest of the lyrics or find the song and have a listen on Youtube or Spotify