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Jesus is Our Freedom

Jesus is Our Freedom

What does freedom mean to you?  Being free is one of the core aspirations of our modern world and is highly important for all of us.  This week we will reflect on what it means that Jesus sets us free as we listen to the message of Luke 4:14-21.

One way of expressing the modern take on freedom is that “No one’s the boss of me!”  Freedom is thus defined as nobody telling me what to do or how to live my life.  However, the freedom that Jesus brings us is much more than that.

One common misunderstanding amongst modern Christians is that the freedom that Jesus brings us is mainly (if not quite exclusively) about what Jesus frees us from.

And while it is definitely true that Jesus does free us from all the negatives of human life, such as our sin and guilt, as well as feelings of despair and fear, Jesus also sets us free for all the positive gifts that he adds to our lives, such as forgiveness and acceptance by God, as well hope and peace that come from being made right with God through Jesus.

And on a much deeper level, something that many Christians today often misunderstand and downplay – to our spiritual harm – is that Jesus also frees us from ourselves (as sinners), so that we can become our true selves as God’s beloved children.  Jesus sets us free for a whole new life with God.

The truth is that real freedom in life comes not from asserting our autonomy (stating that “No one’s the boss of me!”), but rather by submitting to the Lordship of Christ and trusting in his love, forgiveness, and healing.  True and lasting freedom comes when we can confidently confess, “Jesus is the boss of me!”

When Jesus is in charge of your life, you can also joyfully affirm that “Nothing is the boss of me – not sin; not guilt; not fear; not even death – for I am free in Christ!”

God bless you and grant you true freedom in Jesus.

Pr Richard Haar

Bible Reading: Luke 4:14-21

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Prayer Requests

Please forward all prayer requests to the church office via churchenquiries@paravista.org.au or phone 8263 5087. If you know or have spoken to anyone who does not have access to a computer, please assist them to submit their request and offer to pray with them. Prayer requests are not included in the weekly news online. If you would like to view the current requests please refer to the email that alerted you to this weekly news.

Congregational Meeting

The Board is calling a congregational meeting on Sunday 30th January 2022, after the 10:30am service, at approx. 11.30am.

Meeting topic: Elect members for (1) Call Committee and (2) Ministry Coordination Group.

This meeting will be held in the church and will also be available on Zoom.  It is expected to run for approx. 5 minutes.

Details of how to join the Zoom Meeting have been sent out to congregants.

Grow Team News

Have you heard of the 4 faith practices?  For a number of years now Grow Ministries have been providing resources that follow these practices.  These practices help us to grow in our faith in Jesus together.  These resources are available on our website.  And each week Georgie selects from the resource a suggested faith practice and places it in the Weekly News.

During the month of February we will be focusing on these 4 faith practices and finding out how we can practise them in our own homes.  Now not all homes are made up of families and many people live on their own.  So how does that work?  We’re looking forward to exploring how this is happening or could happen to help us grow our faith in Jesus.

“A community which intentionally develops intergenerational relationships to grow faith in Jesus so that He can build His Kingdom here and now”.

Kathy Liebig
Grow Team Leader

Volunteers Needed at Lutheran Care

Our Emergency Relief program is urgently in need of more volunteers – in our pantry and as interviewers.  Can you please share our request for more volunteers within your congregation and networks.  If anyone has a morning a week free and would like to help some of the most vulnerable people in our community, please find more information about how to apply at the following link: https://bit.ly/33v2Ms5

Food donations recommence in February. More details next month.

John Dolling

Family Support Coordinator News from Georgie

Dear Church family,

The title for this week’s GFH resource is ‘Freedom Through God’s Spirit’.

Breathe these words in slowly for a few moments and let them soak into your soul. They are well timed to speak into the circumstances we find ourselves in. The resource offers some ideas to try out in your context. Here are some Caring Conversation starters to discuss in your families, small groups or with friends: What would your life be like if you were in prison or blind? Jesus said that he came to declare freedom for the prisoner and sight to the blind. You have been set free from sin- how does this impact your life? I would love to hear your answers to the last one!

Here is a creative YouTube link called ‘The Birdcage’ that talks about God’s Freedom. Watch it and then talk about it with your family and friends. Again, I would love to hear your comments!


Have a blessed week everyone!

Ladies’ Fellowship

LADIES’ FELLOWSHIP is set to resume on Tuesday 1st February.

Please bring your lunch. No afternoon tea.
There will be a Bible Study by Pr. Rolly (presumably at 1pm).
On entry, please sanitise and QR or sign in sheet.
There will be a trading table.
Please do not come if unwell.

Any apologies to Di Schlenk 0409 820 448

Office News

*Position Vacant*

An exciting opportunity exists to join Good Shepherd’s staff team as a Media and Administration Officer. This role supports the mission of the congregation by maintaining Good Shepherd communications and digital presence; and maintaining a front office environment. Further information is available on request from the Congregational Administrator stephen.zanker@paravista.org.au

If you know anyone who may be suitable for this position, please pass this information on to them.

National Church Life Survey (NCLS)

Our church is participating in the 2021 National Church Life Survey, and you are invited to complete the Attender Survey.

The survey will ask you about your experiences of our church, your thoughts about our ministries and activities, as well as your personal spiritual beliefs or religious practices. The results of the survey will help our local church to assess our church health, understand our strengths and build directions for the future.

We invite you to take part in this survey. It will take around 15-20 minutes to complete. It is anonymous and confidential.


For attenders over 15 years of age: https://attendersurvey.ncls.org.au/

For attenders aged 8 to 14 years:   https://childsurvey.ncls.org.au/

Our Church Code: will have been supplied to you in the cover email alerting you to the news. We ask you to complete the Survey by 11 February 2022.

Paper surveys and assistance will be available after both services on 23rd and 30th January.

The Survey is designed by NCLS Research, as part of the 2021 National Church Life Survey and has ethics approval from Charles Sturt University. More information about the survey can be found at www.2021ncls.org.au/attender-survey


We give thanks for all those who have contributed to our online devotions this year. Now we are looking for more! If you have one or more of your own that you would like to share, please send them through to the church office via churchenquiries@paravista.org.au

Free Chrismons

A number of Chrismons are no longer required by the visual arts team for Christmas decorations.  They have been placed at the rear of the hall and are available for you to take for your own purpose.

Church Office

As staff work around the administration vacancy the church office may be temporally closed throughout the day.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may case and ask that you assist us by phoning in advance if you can.  Staff will try to answer as available but please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

AED Device

A Defibrillator (AED) is located rear school alcove next to the Café playground. A key is on an orange tag next to security keypad in the café (small entry exit door). All members holding keys to the complex are to add to their security procedure the visibility of this key and if it not hanging on the hook to advise either the church or school office as soon as possible of its absence. First Aiders Please note where the unit and key are located, in case of emergency.

Sew So Good Masks

“Sew Good” face masks help disadvantaged families in Cambodia survive the pandemic.  Local Adelaide woman (Joy Marshall) has been selling face masks to raise funds for the past 18 months. The proceeds have funded many months of food relief, medicine and school uniforms for a vulnerable community of families in Phnom Penh. The pandemic has been extremely tough for them. Without welfare, the income from mask orders has thankfully helped families survive until better days return.

The face masks are $6 each and made to recommended specifications. The inside layer is a water-resistant fabric and the two outside layers cotton. They are expertly made by the women in the community and come in many stylish patterns plus black. Children’s masks are also available.

If you would like to support this cause , Di Ollino will be selling masks in the foyer next to the cafe after both services on Sunday 30th January and Sunday 6th February.

CASH only please.

Di Ollino

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:

to loose the chains of injustice

    and untie the cords of the yoke,

to set the oppressed free

    and break every yoke?”

Isaiah 58:6


We are a Covid-Safe Church

The church is required to comply with current Covid-19 arrangements as mandated by the State Government. QR Code check-in is a legal requirement for all who enter the facility, as are masks except where exemptions apply.   If you do not have the ability to check in using this code, please check in with a host or sign the records sheet with your name and telephone number. Physical distancing of 1.5 metres is required when not seated. This includes entering the building, attending Communion and while served tea & coffee. Please respect the safety of staff and others by complying with current distancing regulations. White floor markings are placed at 1.5m to assist you. Thank you!

Weekly News Submissions should be made by the Wednesday prior to Friday publication.

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