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Journey to Bethlehem- Isaiah- The first one…

Journey to Bethlehem- Isaiah- The first one…

Are you good at listening to clues, putting them together and figuring out what they all mean?

Have a go…

I am useful. It is highly likely that you will use me today. I come in handy when you need a bit of a rest from activity. I have legs but cannot walk. I usually have four legs. Yes, you guessed it. I am a chair!

But what if I gave you the first clue today, the next clue tomorrow and the one after that, in fifty years’ time? A little trickier, perhaps?

From the beginning, God always had a plan to restore the broken relationship and rescue his people from the penalty of sin. But the plan didn’t unfold all at once. And people needed hope to cling to…

Throughout time, God revealed promises or clues to prophets as he allowed them to look forward to the time, he would send his rescuer (Jesus) to restore the broken relationship. Isaiah, who lived around 700 years before Jesus’ arrival, was one such prophet. He revealed to Isaiah clues about Jesus’ birth and other details that described the kind of rescuer Jesus was going to be. Isaiah shared these prophecies with those who would listen and his words became part of the bible we have today. For example:

The LORD will give you a proof-sign anyway: See, a young maiden will conceive. She will give birth to a son and name Him Immanuel, that is ‘God with us. Isaiah 7:14 (The Voice)

Micah, another prophet, received another promise.

The LORD says, ‘Bethlehem Ephrathah, you might not be an important town in the nation of Judah. But out of you will come a ruler over Israel for me. Micah 5:2a (NIRV)

When the time was right all these clues as well as others, came together like a great big jigsaw puzzle. Jesus’ mother, Mary, gave birth to a son in Bethlehem. Our Saviour, Jesus, was born as a tiny baby and grew up to change world!

Waiting for things is part of life. We still need to hold onto hope.  The bible is full of God’s promises that we can rest in as we wait for life to unfold. As we draw closer to Christmas, let us remember that God loves us dearly and he keeps his promises. Which promises are you resting in today?

May we all rest in God’s Peace and Promises,