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More than Just Paying Taxes

More than Just Paying Taxes

They say there are two certainties of life? Death and taxes.
I wonder, what are your thoughts and feelings about paying taxes? Please be honest!
Times may have changed, but human hearts haven’t. Most Aussies expect the government to provide services, build roads, keep everyone safe, look after battlers, improve the health system, bring the nation through this COVID crisis, provide jobs and restore prosperity to everyone.

But we still hate paying taxes! Go figure!

Now imagine that Australia was invaded and taken over by a foreign superpower. That would mean we could not vote for our leaders. It would mean losing self-determination as a nation. And it would mean paying taxes to a foreign government. How would you feel about all that?
Now you might be able to imagine how it was for the people of Israel in Jesus’ day.
In Matthew 22, we find two parties trying to get Jesus into trouble over the issue of taxes. I invite you to work out why the Pharisees enlist the help of the Herodians (people who were loyal to the dynasty and descendants of King Herod the Great).

Come along this Sunday as we explore Jesus’ brilliant response to a trick question designed to bring him undone. A few other things jump out at me from this account:
What does it mean for us to be created in the image of God?
What does it mean that the image of God is being renewed in us as we trust and follow Jesus?
Just as everyone in Australia has known since childhood what Queen Elizabeth looks like from the coins that bear her image, how are the people we encounter each day getting to see what Jesus looks like through his image bearers: you and me?

Pr Rolly Stahl

Bible Reading: Matthew 22:15-22

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Prayer Requests

As we adapt to our new way of living please forward all prayer requests to the church office via churchenquiries@paravista.org.au or phone 8263 5087. If you know or have spoken to anyone who does not have access to a computer, please assist them to submit their request and offer to pray with them. Prayer requests are not included in the weekly news online. If you would like to view the current requests please refer to the email that alerted you to this weekly news.

ALC October Issue

Please find the latest edition of their newsletter at ALCeNews or click https://bit.ly/2T5cTel

News & Announcements

Our Imagining the Future: Post-COVID Church discussions are going really well. Roughly thirty people are attending on Sunday mornings with others taking in the recorded video later on. This last week, we discussed the priorities of church planting (as in planting the seeds for the Post-COVID Church). Lively discussion ensued to look at whether prayer
would be first on the list, or perhaps pastoral care. If you haven’t had a chance to attend, feel free to stop by the office for the notes and watch the videos. They can be found on the Good Shepherd website or Facebook page under Imagining the Future.

After the 8:45 and 10:30 services, we are gathering in the library to discuss the Marks of the Post-COVID Church: Imagining the Ancient Church of the Future. These forty-five minute discussions will be helpful as we look into the years ahead.

Across these discussions, we’ll dig into the scriptures that give us vision and hope for the future and how we can understand and see the importance of our changing church Culture.

News from Reid: Roughly three weeks ago I received a call from St. Martin’s College in Mt. Gambier to be their school pastor. After prayer and dialogue, Christine and I feel that our family is still called to be in the midst of the Good Shepherd community. Thank you for your prayers and your thoughts during this time.

Christmas Play: It is hard to believe that Christmas is only ten weeks away. Even though the year has been tumultuous and trying, how quickly has it gone? Everything about 2020 has been different and caused us to be pulled in strange and growth-inducing directions. Thank you for your continued partnership in ministry as we move forward into the future. Speaking of Christmas, the ministry team wants to perform a stage play in conjunction with Christmas. This play, called Beyond Belief, is the first of four dramas that take place across the church calendar year. The threads begun at Christmas will continue through Easter, Pentecost and Christ the King Sunday 2021. We are excited to offer parts to people who would be willing to portray the depiction of the story of building faith. Please contact me, Pastor Reid, for details.

Here is a brief synopsis:

The gospel writer Luke and some of the disciples have gathered to share the story of Jesus with the ‘most honourable Theophilus,’ to whom the books of Luke and Acts were dedicated. Following the Christmas narrative through the eyes of early witnesses, we’ll find the struggle, joy, humour and pain of life so that others can know Jesus and worship him.

The Reformation services will be held on October 25: The 8:45am service will be a reflection and recollection of the hymns that have shaped us over the last five hundred years. The 10:30am service will be Good Shepherd’s Confirmation service. At least 12 young people will affirm their baptism. We will celebrate them and their families’ continued commitment to living lives of faith.

All Saints Day, Sunday Nov 1st: At both Sunday services, we will be remembering loved one who have been promoted to glory. As you arrive that day, there will be an opportunity to write down the names of departed loved one. These will be read out during the service (or you can mention them at that time). You will also have an opportunity to come forward and light a candle in their memory.

Please Note: We will NOT be celebrating Holy Communion at this service, but will offer it a fortnight later on Nov 15th.

The Claridge Residential Care, Valley View has asked for a once/month informal service and short visits to residents to support their faith. Police Check and flu shot are required. Please talk with Chris Jaensch if you are interested; or contact the Church Office.

The folks with the yolks are back! Come and get your free range eggs – $4 per dozen. Please bring your spare cartons. Get ‘em while they’re (not) hot! Ed.

Ladies’ Fellowship
We’re back! The Ladies Fellowship warmly invites all ladies of the congregation to the Annual General Meeting of the Ladies Fellowship. This will be the last formal meeting of the year.
Date : 27th October
Time : 1pm
BYO: Coffee/tea cup (Covid requirements) and afternoon tea.
There will be a trading table.
Please note Social Distancing will be applied. You will need to sign in and sanitise your hands upon entrance into the hall. Please do not come if you are unwell.
We look forward to catching up with you all again and warmly welcome all ladies.

Grow Ministries Faith at Home

Dear Church Family,

So, here is a question:What does honouring those in authority actually mean?
Sometimes it is easier said than done.
Check out this week’s GFH resources for some ideas about this topic.

God bless your week!

Hi everyone,
Just letting you know that Little Lambs Playgroup began again today, October 16.
Please note, we are trialling a new time this term, with our session beginning at 9am.
Join us for activities and fun.

Hope to see you there!
The Little Lambs Team





Position Vacant

RENEW camp is a weekend camping ministry program for young adults across the LCA SA-NT District, held annually in February.
Applications for the role of camp director in 2021 are currently open. If you feel called to serve in this ministry, please contact one of our Blueprint Ministries team at admin@blueprintministries.org.au or for more information head to https://www.blueprintministries.org.au/camps/renew-2/ Applications close 8 November.

Office News

Visionaries Needed:
Those with the gift of hospitality to welcome; or serve coffee and tea.
Those with the gift of administration for tellering.
Those with the gift of serving to set up & pack up for Holy Communion; or to trim the candles.
No experience needed for these positions – training is provided!

Mission Support
Please continue supporting our congregation’s mission and ministry through regular offerings as our facility and staff continues to operate in a different way.
Electronic Deposits can be made to the following bank account details:
BSB 704942
Account No. 100354939
Account Name GSPV REG; or
Click on the GIVE button on our website.
LLL REG: Download the form here and use the same bank details as above in the “account to be credited” section, and email back to address shown on the form. Alternatively contact the LLL on 83607200 or 1800 556457.
Offering Envelopes can still be dropped in at the church office during office hours.

Together Magazine is Here!
The latest edition of Together Magazine is out – copies are available in the church and office.

COVID-Safe Requirements for Worship – please observe these guidelines:

• Entry through front foyer and exit via rear courtyard – exceptions for people with mobility issues. If you’re an able walker, consider parking away from front entrance.
• Register names and contact details.
• Please maintain physical distance 1.5m.
• People from the same household can sit next to one another. Otherwise we need to keep 2 chair spaces between people
• Follow the directional arrows for entry, exit, and Holy Communion.
• Offerings will be received via a retiring offering on the way out of the sanctuary.
• Please follow directions of worship hosts
• Early service attendees will need to vacate the building to allow a clean before second service attendees can enter the building.
• Worship hosts and welcomers are now nominated Covid-19 Marshalls.
Regarding children:
• Children will sit with their families. Please feel free to bring activities.
• Playground next to Revive Café is open after the service. Children need to be supervised at all times.
• Parenting Change Room is open again.

Wantok Place: the Museum Unmasked/Friends of Lutheran Archives Meeting!

Timothy Pietsch, the manager of Wantok Place, will talk about the origins of the museum, in Papua New Guinea and in Australia. He will also take us on a PowerPoint tour of the museum artefacts (some of which are culturally and financially significant), including some of the rarities and oddities.
When: Monday 19th October 2020, 7pm (AGM to start)
Where: Bethlehem House, Sudholz Place in the City
All welcome, gold coin donation. Because of COVID-19 requirements, if you plan on attending, please register by Friday 16th October with Helen Schubert on – 8364 4350, 0447 740 711 or email hschubert@internode.on.net. Please don’t leave a voice-mail.

Does God still communicate with us today? If so, what are the different ways? How can we be sure it is Him communicating, and not just our own thoughts or imaginations? What is the difference between “wisdom” and “revelation” when it comes to knowing the will of God? In this practical one day workshop you will learn about and practise listening to the different ways that God communicates to His people, both individually and in a group setting.
Details & Bookings: www.trybooking.com/blxpr or michael.dutschke@lca.org.au

“So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.”

2 Corinthians 4:16

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