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No Greater “Big Finish”

No Greater “Big Finish”

John 20:14 Easter

I’m a sports nut and I love nothing better than a big finish where a team comes back from what seems certain defeat and claims victory. And there’s no greater “big finish” than Jesus on Easter Sunday! What a time for us to celebrate and rejoice.

However, look at accounts of the event in the Gospels.

The first reaction of the disciples is not celebration and joy, but bewilderment and uncertainty. And who could blame them! As you think about the Easter event, do so with joy and excitement, but also take time to put yourself in the shoes of the disciples and reflect on the awe of Easter. Take time to stop and be amazed again at what God has done for you. Be amazed again at the power of God and of his love.

Heavenly Father what else can we say at Easter other than simply, “Thank you”. Amen

Paul Fielke