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No Need To Fear

No Need To Fear

Psalm 118:6 The LORD is on my side; I will not be afraid. (NIRV)

What an amazing God! Why is it, that with such an awesome God as we have, so many people miss it?

God isn’t going to leave us out or forget us. Choosing to believe that God can and will take care of us, helps to guard against the fear that seeks to erode our relationship with Him.

We all face challenges in good and bad times. Psalm 118:6 has given me the strength to face through the hard times.

When I came to Australia, far from my family and loved ones I faced new challenges. Meeting new people, looking for a job to support my family and adjusting to the different weather felt overwhelming at times. I’m sure you have experienced your own set of struggles over the years.

God is and will always be a ray of hope. My prayer life is important to me. Through my talks with Him, He has continued to hold me in his comforting embrace, ensuring that He is always there with me.

He showed his love by healing my dad during his illness. He has taught me to be a fighter since I was born till now. My faith in him has grown stronger each day, no matter what hurdles I face. He has also taught me to be patient and I believe that he will continue to guide me through my journey of life.

I can say that my prayers are been answered by Him – He chose me to be a part of Good Shepherd and bought me closer to Him through work at the church office. I am truly blessed with all the wonderful people that I have come across.

The only way we can serve God with confidence is by remembering that our Lord Jesus died for us so that we can joyfully live for him.

Dear Lord, I thank you that you never let go, through calm and storm. Thank you, Jesus. In your name. Amen

Krishna Vasani