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On the Path of Life – Isaiah 42:16

On the Path of Life – Isaiah 42:16

Have you read today’s text? Let me personalize it for you….

I will lead blind (insert your name) down a new path, guiding you along an unfamiliar way.

I will make the darkness bright before you and smooth out the road ahead of you.

A new path might be a new season, a new time of life with challenges (changes due to life events, health issues, money concerns, employment challenges, or experiencing loss and grief). It is an unfamiliar way – since you have not experienced it before, it is full of uncertainty, change, fear, unknowns. You may feel in the dark, afraid and alone.

Yet, God has promised you to lead you on this path, guiding you. He is with you, providing a way to make the darkness brighter and to smooth out the road ahead for you. This is so reassuring. He gives you hope. He gives you his comforting presence, walking ahead of you to show you the way.  Ask Him to provide a new perspective of approaching your unfamiliar path, one step at a time.

Julie Freund