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Set Apart by God’s Blessings

Set Apart by God’s Blessings

In the classic Aussie movie, The Castle, whenever Darryl Kerrigan receives a valued gift, he declares: “This is going straight to the pool room!”  Along with trophies and photos of special moments, he was setting that item apart from everyday use.

I remember as a child, we had a glass display cabinet with my mum’s china cups, saucers and side plates.  We were not allowed to use them.  When mum had a dear friend or close relative visiting, she would get out the china tea set.  We kids never drank or ate from them. They were set apart for a special purpose – and brought out to honour special guests.

I wonder what precious items have you’ve set apart as special?  It might be something sentimental, perhaps an heirloom. Or it might be the prized item in a collection. Or it could be something you’ve made or restored.

Paul writes: “God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes” (Eph 1:4 NLT) To be “made holy” is to be set apart from what is common and unclean, from the sin and evil that defiles us.  To be “made holy” by God is to become his precious possession.  Because of what Jesus has done for us, God has set you and me apart for a special purpose.

Our calling is to live out our new identity in “holy living”. This does not mean isolating in a “glass display cabinet”, church building, or holy huddle. Instead, we pray and look for ways to bring the presence of Jesus into every encounter.  That way, others can come to know Jesus – and also share in God’s blessings.

Sure there are things we cannot participate in as followers of Jesus. But that doesn’t mean we stop connecting with people and looking for ways to listen, encourage, help or bless them.

This Sunday we are going to unpack God’s bagful of blessings that are ours “in Christ”.  If your relationship with God needs a “shot in the arm”, come along and be reminded of who you are in Christ, whose you are in Christ, the purpose God has for you in Christ, and the destiny that is yours in Christ.

Joy in Jesus!
Pr Rolly Stahl

Bible Readings: Ephesians 1:1-14 (NLT). Acts 19 provides helpful background.

Please check the website www.paravista.org.au for podcasts and video archives of weekly messages or head to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/goodshepherdparavista for regular updates and encouragement from our pastors.

A Message from Pastor Reid

It’s great to be back in South Australia. The Matthias family had a marvelous time in Queensland connecting with family and enjoying the sunshine. Unfortunately, we are required to quarantine at home for two weeks. I, Pastor Reid, will be available by phone or email and I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Thank you for all that you do in taking care of people in the community. Keep up the good work!

Prayer Requests

Please forward all prayer requests to the church office via churchenquiries@paravista.org.au or phone 8263 5087. If you know or have spoken to anyone who does not have access to a computer, please assist them to submit their request and offer to pray with them. Prayer requests are not included in the weekly news online. If you would like to view the current requests please refer to the email that alerted you to this weekly news.

A Welcoming Community

The Grow Team have created a resource for our community to help us to connect with new people.  This Sunday we will reveal the mannequin’s name and this resource.

Encouragement notes will continue to be available for your use on Sundays.  Let’s all look out for others and welcome them as we strive to be “A community which intentionally develops intergenerational relationships to grow faith in Jesus so that He can build His Kingdom here and now”.

Kathy Liebig
Grow Team Leader

*Note: the “person” on the left is not actually real, and no distancing rules have been breached.  GSPV is a Covid-safe church.*

Lutheran Care Food Collection

As Covid-19 restrictions  have made it difficult to collect donations it has been decided to combine the July and August collections into one.

Our next food collection for Lutheran Care will be on Sunday August 15th at both services or donations can be dropped into the church office

Items requested:

  • pasta sauce
  • tinned/packet soups
  • cereals
  • pillows
  • tinned vegetables
  • shampoo
  • men’s underwear

These items must be new and/or unopened.

Hopefully we can continue our support for Lutheran Care as in previous years.

If you have any questions or want to discuss the new process please speak to one of the Family Zone Support Team: Lorraine Johns, Joan McCarthy, Peter Nitschke, Trevor Bridge, or John Dolling.

Family Support Coordinator News from Georgie

Growing Faith at Home

There has been a fair bit of uncertainty floating around in recent weeks. The rules keep changing and planning for the future is proving to be difficult. GFH’s verse of the week is: “I tell you for certain that everyone who has faith in me has eternal life”: (Jesus, in John 6:47.) It is comforting and grounding to hear these words. They provide peace and assurance for us now as well as into the (long term) future. May they encourage you today! Check out other ideas in this week’s resource.

Little Lambs

We are eager to have everyone ‘back in the fold’ once again, face to face and having fun together. Our Little Lambs team met today to pray and plan for Term Three. Please continue to pray, especially for our Team and the families of the Little Lambs we serve.

Step Up

Young people aged around 10 and over, and their parents, are invited to take part in our Step Up program to prepare for Holy Communion. Taking the approach that parents are the primary faith developers in their children, Step Up is designed to support parents in preparing their child for Holy Communion. At this stage our starting date will be Sunday August 22nd, followed by four consecutive Friday nights. To register please contact Georgie on Georgie.schuster@paravista.org.au or with the Church Office (8263 5087).

God bless you and your week ahead!

2021 Australian Census

As many of you will know, the Australian Census will be taken again on 10th August.

Years ago, when the census had been taken, you had the option of ticking a box to indicate your religion was ‘Lutheran’. This year there does not appear to be a box to tick for this, so we encourage you to please enter ‘Lutheran’ as your religion in the spaces provided. This will help us gather important information which can assist the church with identifying and planning future mission and ministry opportunities.

Further information about the census can be found at www.census.abs.gov.au

Michelle Storie
Executive Administration Assistant and Assistant to the Bishop, Lutheran Church of Australia

Adelaide Show Christian Outreach

The committee of the Adelaide Show Christian Outreach is pleased to announce they have accepted the invitation to exhibit at this year’s Royal Adelaide Show, due to be held from 4-12 September. The committee welcomes your financial and prayerful support as they reembark on this vital outreach ministry. Direct credits may be made to BSB 704 942; Account No. 1005 16513, or cheques made payable to Adelaide Show Christian Outreach and sent to Honorary Secretary & Treasurer Wyndham Dix, 1 Hollywood Way Glenalta 5052.  For further enquiries please email wgdix2@internode.on.net or call 8278 6031.

Event Updates

Grow Ministries: Due to current Covid-19 restrictions this weekend’s workshop has been postponed until September. We will keep you posted on the new date.

Decade Dance: At this stage this event is still going ahead but if a decision is made to reschedule it we will let you know.

Office News

Mission Support

Please continue supporting our congregation’s mission and ministry through regular offerings as our facility and staff continue to operate in an “exciting” way.

Electronic deposits can be made to the following bank account details:

BSB 704942
Account number 100354939
Account Name GSPV REG

Or click on the GIVE button here on our website.

LLL REG Download the form here using the same bank details as above and email to the address shown on the form. Alternatively contact the LLL on 83607200 or 1800 556457.

Offering Envelopes can still be dropped in at the church office during office hours.

Covid-19 Update

COVID regulations for our worship services this Sunday.

Celebration services will be provided on Sunday with the following implemented:

  • Masks are to be worn at all times while in the complex.  Please remember to bring your own.
  • Capacity is at 50% with seating available for 300 utilising the hall. This includes children of all ages.
  • Reminder that 1.5m distancing is to be adhered to. Seating has been set to accommodate this. Families may be seated together.
  • The band will be leading us in worship however the congregation are requested to remain mute for songs (perhaps consider just humming.)
  • Please enter via the front doors and exit via the rear courtyard.
  • QR check in is mandatory. Hosts will take contact details from those who do not have smart devices.
  • Tea and coffee will not be served after services.
  • Communion will not be served at either service this week.

8:45am worshipers are requested to exit the building via the rear doors by 10:00am to allow the building to be ventilated and cleaned for the next service.   Please remember to respect the freedom we do have and follow the guidelines and any directions given in relation to these regulations.

For those uncomfortable attending services this Sunday, recordings of the message at the 8:45am service will be made available as video and audio podcasts as per usual.  This will be completed as soon as possible after the end of the 8:45am service.  All our podcasts can be accessed via the church website.

AED Device

A Defibrillator (AED) is located rear school alcove next to the Café playground.  A key is on an orange tag next to security keypad in the café (small entry exit door). All members holding keys to the complex are to add to their security procedure the visibility of this key and if it not hanging on the hook to advise either the church or school office as soon as possible of its absence.

First Aiders Please note where the unit and key are located, in case of emergency.

SALA Exhibition at Good Shepherd Para Vista, 1st Aug – 29th Aug 2021

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is the venue for another SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival) exhibition in the hall and café area. Celebrating the creativity of 15 artists from our Good Shepherd community, the exhibition features a variety of mediums. Styles include traditional, contemporary, and indigenous. Our artists’ ages span the decades from teens to 80’s. Additionally there are artworks featuring the ‘Living Water’ theme as part of the Australia/NZ-wide exhibition promoted by the Visual Arts Group of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

You are invited to come with family and friends and enjoy!


“Then the King will say to those on his right,

‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.’”

Matthew 25:34

We are a Covid-Safe Church

The church is required to comply with current Covid-19 restrictions as mandated by the State Government. QR Code check-in is a legal requirement for all who enter the facility.   If you do not have the ability to check in using this code you are required to check in with a host or sign the records sheet with your name and telephone number.  A physical distance of 1.5 metres is still required when not seated. This includes entering the building, attending Communion and getting served tea & coffee. Please respect the safety of staff and others by complying with current social distancing regulations. White floor markings are placed at 1.5 to assist you.

Weekly News Submissions should be made by the Wednesday prior to Friday publication.

Church Giving via Electronic Funds Transfer:
Regular Electronic Giving (REG): BSB 704 942; Acc 100 354 939
Church Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9am-3pm
Church Website: www.paravista.org.au Email: churchenquiries@paravista.org.au

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