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Showing Honour – Romans 12:10

Showing Honour – Romans 12:10

Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters. Outdo one another in showing honour. ~Romans 12:10.

The Apostle Paul wrote the book of Romans almost 2,000 years ago. As he wrote to the people in Rome, he laid out terms of reference for people who are (or seek to be) a Christian. Around chapter 12, though, he gets into a description of what this new life will look like.

I get the sense as we reach verse 10, that Paul might have been an only child.

When he encourages us to ‘love one another deeply as brothers and sister,’ well, that can be a miraculous thing when it happens.

To love one’s brothers and sisters is dicey at times.

My brother and I had to share a room when we were little. We had bunk beds for a while, but eventually, we dismantled them so we could each have our own space. As siblings do, there was always a struggle for space, and in our room, it was evident that we both wrestled over who could obtain inches of territory from the other.

Thus, we measured the room down to the millimeter, stretched out a masking tape line and completely divided us. Strangely, we believed that this arbitrary line would be the end to all our problems as brothers. The opposite proved true. Although we saw the line, we were always stepping over it which infuriated the other.

I think we do this as humanity in general. We create ‘masking tape’ boundaries between each other, whether by race, creed, sexuality, ability, etc… and then we assume that these boundaries will end our problems. Well, obviously dividing people never works. That’s why when Paul writes to the Romans, he gives them a competition – to ‘outdo one another in showing honour’ – which means that we rip up the masking tape boundaries and share all things together. Especially encouraging words and sustainable activities. We care for each other. Full stop.

After my brother and I ripped up the boundary, we realised how much easier life was.

God’s peace to you this week as you outdo others in showing honour!

Pastor Reid Matthias