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Specks of Dust

Specks of Dust

Imagine a darkened room on a bright sunny day. Can you picture a beam of sunshine streaming in from outside? Can you see in that beam of light the swirling movement of billions of flecks of dust? How tiny and insignificant they are. Now, just imagine a person moving gently across the room towards those specks and declaring boldly, “I love you, every single floating speck, I love you!” What a strange person. How bizarre!

Now change the scene in your mind. Picture the universe in all of its magnitude and magnificence.  None of us, not even the wisest and most knowledgeable astronomers, can really come to grips with its awesome depth and complexity and beauty. Now try to picture the creator of that universe. How much more vast and awesome and magnificent.


Another change of scene.  Picture a man, broken by torture and hanging cruelly on a cross.

At any moment he could free himself from this terrible and undeserved agony and abandon a world that has rejected his message of salvation an treated him as the worst of criminals. Without warning he could release himself from the cross, scatter his torturers and tormentors, and return to the perfect and eternal paradise he left years before. But the man chooses to remain and see his suffering through. Only in this way can he bring the salvation that he promised. Only in this way can he prove the unbelievable love that he has for the very world that has put him where he is.

Get the picture? We are the flecks of insignificant aimlessly floating dust, God the awesome creator of the universe who declared his love for us. Thank God for Jesus who shed his light on us and shed his blood for us.

Chris Jaensch