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Life In the Spirit

For many of us Christians, living as a child of God is a depressing struggle as we try to become better disciples of Jesus. We mostly feel ashamed and guilty when we take our “spiritual temperature”. Is this what God wants for us? Pr. Steen Oslen Bible Readings: Romans 8: 1-11 (NLT) Please check the…
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Where Do You Stand?

The Christian’s foundation for life is found in Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation and eternal life. One of the key passages for guidance on the foundation for life is found in the book of Matthew, where Jesus tells the parable about a wise man who built his house on a rock, and…
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1st Sunday Lent –Telling Tales & Punchy Parables Finding the Lost

Are you a jigsaw puzzler? Are you easily drawn into an amusing tale or an absorbing parable? Do you enjoy music and singing? Worship this coming Sunday will be a little different as Chris Jaensch refreshes us with a different angle on the Gospel. The focus will be on three of Jesus’ parables, his lost…
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A Surprising God

This week we continue our interview series with people from our community sharing their faith and prayer journey. This week Perry Campbell shares how God has placed him in a place where he can use his Gifts to share his faith with young people and use his personal interests to witness to others. Come and…
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God’s Heart for Us

The Church makes many claims about God – about who God is and what God does and what God is like—and the biggest claim of all, the one that is at the core of all its claims is that God is love—above all else, God is love. We sing songs and hymns about the God…
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Choose Kindness

We live in an increasingly polarised and cynical society. There is deep division, mistrust and hurt. Sometimes we find ourselves caught up in this fragmentation and we find it seeping into our lives, our homes, our schools, and our churches. When Saint Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonica, he was writing to a church…
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Love Comes to Life Where You Are

I was at a youth camp recently and the young people were talking about wanting to do something for God – to live out their faith in a truly meaningful way. They talked about various missions they would like to go on. They were inspiring in the vision they had for how they could serve…
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Celebrating the Reign of God in 2023

Jesus was the Messiah, the promised Saviour, who ushered in the Kingdom of God (the reign of God).  The Scriptures tell us that the Kingdom of God exists, wherever Jesus reigns as King – wherever people acknowledge him as their Lord and Saviour. Usually, royal power is exercised in a way that benefits the one…
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Safe Zone or Faith Zone?

This Sunday we look at Moses who was possibly the greatest person in the Old Testament. Moses led the people of Israel out slavery from Egypt to the promised land. It was an incredible fete. Moses spoke directly with God. God gave us the 10 commandments through Moses. Yet none of us would have known…
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A blessed Christmas to all of you as we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child and share in the joy that only He brings to all the world. Bible Readings: Christmas Eve- Isaiah 9:2 (NLT), John 1:4-5 (NLT), John 1:9 (NLT), John 1:29 (NLT), John 12:46 (NLT), Luke 2:10-12 (NLT), Luke 1:26-28 (NLT), Matt…
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