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Growing In Jesus

It is an old adage that life is a journey. Now being on a journey implies that you have some directions on which way to go and some idea of what lies at the end destination. For some the answer to those points are ‘I’ll make my own way thanks’ and ‘My life right now…
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Life As Community

When we consider all the material and digital distractions of this 21st century world that we live in, many are asking the question ‘have we lost our sense of community?’ It seems like there is even a lack of willingness to make the effort to connect with others; instead, we replace that idea with something…
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Back To Basics: God’s Treasure

All people are loved by God. God’s treasure is those whose faith is in his son Jesus Christ, and being God’s treasure means that we are greatly loved. A love so great that God was willing to sacrifice his only son to save us and give us life! Pastor Paul Fielke Bible Readings: Romans 1:8-17 (NLT)…
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Amazing Father (Father’s Day)

Once again Father’s Day is with us. How fascinating it would be to exchange our different memories about our dads.  There would be plenty of interesting stories to tell and feelings to share. Think about your Dad? What is, or was, he like? How would you describe him? How does he, or did he treat…
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Jesus’ Witnesses to The World

Hope. With all of the change, pressures, and challenges we face in life we are all in need of hope. Thankfully Jesus offers us and the whole world hope. With Australia becoming more multicultural – 30% born overseas, 50% have a parent born overseas – there are many from all over the world looking for…
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An Adventurous Journey

Transitions can be challenging. Change often is. Shifting house or school, farewelling a stage of life or even a loved one, or facing obstacles that stretch us, all involve a transition. As difficult as these situations are, they are at least obvious dilemmas. The most challenging transitions are those that may involve a mindset shift,…
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What’s Your Faith Focus?

Have you ever caught yourself measuring your level of faith, how strongly you believe in God. Perhaps you compared yourself to someone else whom you held in high regard as an example of strong Christian faith. Maybe at this stage you thought and prayed ‘Lord increase my faith’. Jesus’ disciples asked the same thing of…
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Praying In the Spirit

Do you reckon God answers prayer? You bet he does! —Yes, God answers prayer—why? Because He wants to be involved in our lives—for His purpose to grow us as His disciples—as a loving Father, He wants us to come to Him and ask in faith—trusting Him to provide many opportunities to grow us as His…
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A Surprising God- Pt 7- Mission Sunday

We (Michael and Kim Findlay) have always had a passion for social justice. We both independently felt called to live and work in Africa. But what God asked of us in our 20s – to set up a hospital in a remote village in Uganda – felt impossibly hard at times. We had to learn…
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A Spirit-Led Life

The Scriptures give us insight into how we might have a meaningful and fulfilling life. In Romans 7 Paul teaches that if we try to live the Christian life in human effort we will fail miserably—for we will experience condemnation, hopelessness, entrapment, burn out and exhaustion—then in Romans 8 he tells us how to move…
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