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Where To Put Worried Eyes

So where do you look when you worry? Where do you place your attention? Where do you put worried eyes? The problem with anxiety and worry is that they take our focus and we see nothing else. Jesus is the great God who became small for you. Jesus is the One who put each star…
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Prayer: What A Privilege!

Prayer actually grows out of hearing God’s Word. Prayer is talking with God but it’s also important that we hear what God is saying to us as well. And prayer is a growing thing. It is more than just saying table grace and the Lord’s Prayer. It is about speaking with God – asking, seeking,…
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Discipleship Prayer

Being a disciple of Jesus – what does it mean to you? This Sunday Pastor Fin Klein from St Michael’s Hahndorf explores this topic via video. The primary function of disciples is to prayer for all people. Do we pray for everyone – even those who we don’t like or don’t agree with? Pastor Finn Klein…
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Shovel, Sceptre or Shotgun

How do you feel when you hear Jesus calling you to be a ‘servant’? This seems the exact opposite of a world that encourages us to constantly promote ourselves, get ahead, accumulate ‘likes. We’ll explore some of the ways we can be a servant in 2022 suburban Adelaide, and how that can lead us to…
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How the Bible Teaches us to Lament

The book of Lamentations isn’t necessarily the most popular or well-known book in the Bible, but it has some important messages to teach us. A specific focus of Lamentations is the lament of the Israelite people, and they show us in this poetic book what lamenting can look like and how we should be lamenting as followers…
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Our Core Business

The Church does many good things in our world and so we should. But we mustn’t neglect our core business. Paul tells us that God appointed him a herald and apostle because “our God and Saviour wants all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.” Pr. Steen Olsen Bible Reading…
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What’s Your Story?

No matter where I go, when I meet people within the Lutheran Church, I’m forever being asked: “So, what’s your story?” Folks want to know all the details: where did I come from, where did I grow up, who am I related to? It seems everybody has a story, and we want to know it.…
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Knowing Our Father’s Love

This Fathers’ Day, I’m going to talk to you about God being our heavenly Father, specifically unpacking on what basis it is, that we can call him “Father.” What is often missed in the discussion of the fatherhood of God is the way it is grounded biblically in Christ the Son.  The point is that…
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Jesus Doesn’t Play That Game!

We have the command from Jesus to treat our neighbours with love. But the Christian response never begins with a command. Here’s something written by the German Theologian, Helmut Thielicke: “Is it really true that everything begins with the command ‘You must’?  Or does it not rather begin with our first being given something?  The…
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Grace is a free gift of God and means you are beloved, whether you deserve it or not. In Grace the focus is on Jesus. Join Pastor Matt Thiele via video as he explores what it means to be ‘beloved’ as he opens up 1 John. Bible Reading for this Week: 1 John 2:7 Please…
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