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A Spirit-Led Life

The Scriptures give us insight into how we might have a meaningful and fulfilling life. In Romans 7 Paul teaches that if we try to live the Christian life in human effort we will fail miserably—for we will experience condemnation, hopelessness, entrapment, burn out and exhaustion—then in Romans 8 he tells us how to move…
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The wonder of Rest

Rest is a key to holistic and joyful living. We think we can keep going and going, harder and harder, trying to achieve more and more. But without rest, you blow up or burn out. You rest to be invigorated, restored, revitalized, and renewed. Not just physically but spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and mentally. This refuels…
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Living Under Grace

We know what we should and shouldn’t do as Christians, but often we fail. We don’t have the power to make ourselves better, so what do we do? Today we will explore how we might live as God’s people, without letting sin rule our lives on the one hand, and without being legalists and living…
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Blessing: What It Is, What It Isn’t, Why it’s Powerful?

How’s this… God bless you! I give you, my blessing. In worship we hear this word bandied about. But what does it actually mean? This Sunday Pastor Stephen Abraham will explore what Scripture tell us about blessing; what it is, what it isn’t and how it is to be used. Pastor Stephen Abraham Bible Readings:…
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Enjoying God Forever

Being ‘ourselves’ – being ‘real’ – is valued in society today.  But what do you do when who you are is not enough?  When what you do is not enough?  This is a major issue for so many people today.  Am I who I know myself to be, or the person that other people think…
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How To Respond to A Changing World

In a world where everything is changing very rapidly, how do we react as Children of God? How does our congregation adapt, change so that we can still reach people with God’s Grace? We are told to be in the world but not of the world.  What does that mean? Have you ever stopped to…
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Trinity Sunday – Living in the Unity of Love and Peace

In today’s world people have all sorts of ideas about who God is and what he’s like.  Into this context our confession of God as the Triune God (as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) clearly identifies which God we worship and believe in as Christians.  In fact, the Church’s confession about the Triune God tells…
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Pentecost – Moving in The Opposite Spirit

A friend emailed this quote to me recently: “There are so many ways to move forward, but only one to stand still.” Sinful selfishness will have us standing still, full of hurt and bitterness, wondering why others aren’t more accommodating of us. The fruit of the Spirit shows us many ways to advance and live…
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No Room for Prejudice or Walls

“There is no room for prejudice or walls” Acts 11: 1-17 Have we put up walls around the church? Or do we offer the water of life? Is our life one that shares the source of living water, or Do we put up fences to protect our faith? Do we trust that God is still…
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What To Do While Waiting

While Paul waited for them at Athens… he saw… he was provoked… he discussed… he debated… he proclaimed Jesus and the resurrection… he called people to a radical life change… Acts 17-34. What do you do while you are waiting? I was waiting at the KL airport on my way to Vietnam. I met a…
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