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The Long Weekend (Part Two)

The Long Weekend (Part Two)

As mentioned last week, we are exploring Easter in our chapel services – the long weekend that changed the world!

Last week, Mr Wain explored what happened on the Thursday night.

It was a night full of drama – declarations of unending love from Jesus to his disciples, claims of future betrayal, claims of heartbreak, pain, and people abandoning Jesus, counter claims of loyalty, scandalous foot washing, a beautiful traditional Jewish meal full of symbolism, and so much more.

The rest of the night and into Friday sees these very events play out, all as predicted.

It’s almost as if someone knew what was going to happen ahead of time, and used  the  free choices of every person to achieve what they wanted to achieve.

That someone was God.

In the middle of all the events that were surprising to the disciples, one person, Jesus, knew what was going to happen. He spoke about it all through his ministry, spoke about it the night before it happened, and then it  happened.

In our lives, we are all taken by surprise by a whole range of things – betrayal perhaps, violence, promises broken, tragedy, and more.

But one person is always at work bringing goodness out what we experience, and that is our God who has shown us Himself in Jesus.

No matter what is happening in your life, know that Jesus is at work, and he wants you to know that his love will never end.

God bless you,

Chris Mann
Pastor at Endeavour College and Mawson Lakes Community Church