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Trusting God

Trusting God

When I was studying to be a pastor, once a week, every week, we were given free bread from a local bakery.

And every week, my housemate would go and get bread, and he would put it in the freezer. Which was fine, but he would do it until the freezer was totally full.

Which was fine. Except we also needed to keep other things in the freezer – like meat, frozen vegetables, and of course, ice cream.

When I would ask him why he would fill up the freezer with this free bread, he would say it was because he was worried about there not being free bread next week. However, as a result, other food we bought went off, as there was nowhere to store it.

In Exodus 16, we read of the Israelites being given free bread – manna – by God He promises to provide free bread, not every week, but every day (except the Sabbath). They are told not to keep it – because God will provide. Some ignore God, keep extra, and it goes mouldy and gets maggots in it. (Ew! Gross!)

God wanted the Israelites to know that he could be trusted to provide for them. He also wants us to know the same. So often we hold on to things, thinking we won’t have enough. The reality is, that often times like the Israelites, the thing we keep isn’t as good as what God offers us the very next day. Or, like my friend, other things can go bad because we don’t create room for them.

God always gives – either directly, or through others. He gives us his love, and he gives us Jesus.

Today, I invite you to consider – where are you struggling to trust God with what you have? And what might God have you share with others – so that they know that God is providing for them?

God bless your day.

Pastor Chris Mann