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More than Just Paying Taxes

They say there are two certainties of life? Death and taxes. I wonder, what are your thoughts and feelings about paying taxes? Please be honest! Times may have changed, but human hearts haven’t. Most Aussies expect the government to provide services, build roads, keep everyone safe, look after battlers, improve the health system, bring the…
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The Keys to Fashion

The third parable in a series directed to the religious elite of Israel is one so outrageous that it seems as if it could be summarily dismissed. It’s one thing to resist working in the vineyards, but to reject an invitation to the king’s wedding banquet? Unbelievable. In a moving allegory, Jesus connects with the…
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The Keystone of the Kingdom

Imagine you are renting out a property to some family friends you’ve known for years. It starts off well. But after a few months, there is a missed payment for the fortnightly rent. What do you do with that? Giving the benefit of the doubt, you might wait for few days, or maybe a fortnight.…
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Keys to the Kingdom

  ‘What do you think?’ It would have been quite easy to understand if Jesus would have been frustrated with the Jewish authorities. After entering Jerusalem triumphantly, Jesus goes to the temple and finds it rife with money changers and the chairs of those selling doves, preying off the people for their own gain. The…
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Unlocking the Mystery of God’s Generosity

In our 21st Century culture, we’re urged to strive for success, to win, to have the latest and best of everything, to make something of ourselves – and to not be left behind. We expect rewards for our efforts. If a sibling or colleague receives a greater reward than us with less effort, we are…
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The Master’s Key

The disciple Peter might have wondered if he was going to get a gold star for his comments in ‘Discipleship Class’: ‘Lord, How many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? As many as seven times?’ Peter’s question was magnanimous from a forgiveness perspective. In Jewish custom, three times was…
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Keys to Restoring Relationships

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Genesis 4:9 NIV) This was Cain’s response to the Lord’s question about his brother’s whereabouts. Cain was miffed and angry with his brother Abel.  Why? Because the Lord had accepted Abel’s offering but did not look with favour on his offering. Instead of controlling his anger and being reconciled with…
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Well, Come and Take up your Cross

We all probably know what’s coming. This scripture verse is sometimes quoted ad nauseum, as kind of a readjustment of the moral compass which has been pulled by some kind of dark gravity into places we shouldn’t go. I don’t think that’s what Jesus was talking about. When the Messiah (that’s what Peter has just…
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A Welcome Declaration

In our 21st Century culture, individualism is perhaps regarded as our most “inalienable right”. We are entitled to our own opinions and the right to express them. We have the right to make our own choices of what is right and true, what we want to believe, or what we regard as the supreme object…
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Faith that Jesus Welcomes

As we push through the middle chapters of the book of Matthew, we have to engage with some very difficult thoughts and ideas about the ministry of both Jesus and the disciples. But (the Canaanite woman) knelt before Jesus and said, ‘Lord, help me!’ Jesus answered, ‘It isn’t right to take the children’s bread and…
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