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“And the seed fell in the weeds – well, these are the ones who hear; but then the seed is crowded out and nothing comes of it as they go about their lives worrying about tomorrow, making money, and having fun.” Luke 8:1-15 (MSG) Being connected to a church from birth and being brought up…
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Stay Secure

To be a servant in the ancient world was taxing and often frustrating. At the whim of the master, the servant must drop everything in order to serve the master’s desires. Whether preparing food, cleaning up, taking care of guests, the servant was commanded to do this without question. To be a disciple of a…
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Stay With Me

I am the vine and you are the branches. I think I’ve repeated that mantra thousands of times throughout my life. Jesus is the vine, we are the branches and we’re supposed to produce fruit – and lots of it. Yet, when I prepared for this week, I realised that I had been incorrectly repeating…
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Five Amazing Things in the Bible that Bring Joy

Reading: 1 John 1:1-7 We are writing these things so that our joy may be made complete. ~1 John 1:4 I was wandering down the street the other day and noticing people. For most, wherever they were standing or walking, their faces were buried in their phones. Now, this devotion is not a diatribe against…
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Jesus, Your Good Shepherd

He tends his flock like a shepherd:     He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;     he gently leads those that have young (Isaiah 40:11). Jesus, your Good Shepherd As you may have noticed, in the Book of Isaiah, the prophet uses imagery or picture language. These describing words tell…
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Open Ears

Has someone ever said to you: “You’re just not listening to me!”  What was their tone of voice?  What moved them to say that?  How did you respond? To be heard and understood is one of the greatest gifts we can receive; and one of the greatest gifts we can give.  It is how we…
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Open Eyes

There’s a delightful story in the Old Testament where God opens a person’s eyes to see what he was doing. The king of Aram was upset that the King of Israel seemed to pre-empt his every attacking move: This enraged the king of Aram. He summoned his officers and demanded of them, “Tell me! Which…
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Turning Back

‘Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death’ (2 Corinthians 7:10).  2 Corinthians 7:8-11 There is an unsolved mystery lingering over my family. Some years ago, on a trip to the Adelaide show I had purchased an extra Bertie Beetle showbag full of chocolates for a…
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Open Door

An open door means we have access at any time.  At the death of Jesus, the curtain temple was torn in two from top to bottom.  Our guilt, shame, fear and dread have been taken away. The forgiveness we have received through Jesus means we can now come into the holy presence of God without…
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No Greater “Big Finish”

John 20:14 Easter I’m a sports nut and I love nothing better than a big finish where a team comes back from what seems certain defeat and claims victory. And there’s no greater “big finish” than Jesus on Easter Sunday! What a time for us to celebrate and rejoice. However, look at accounts of the…
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