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Weekly News

Soaring Like Eagles – Isaiah 40:29-31

  Here is another illustration from Isaiah to describe God’s comfort and hope. When life is crushing us, God provides for us, giving his power and energy to those of who are tired and week.  We often try to bring our own strength and energy to our challenges. We know how this ends, with exhaustion,…
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Set Apart to Pray for Loved Ones

There are two verses in Ephesians which remind us of the privilege we have in coming to God in prayer: Now all of us can come to the Father through the same Holy Spirit because of what Christ has done for us. (Ephesians 2:18 NLT) Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can…
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“Ephermity” – Proverbs 15:4

A friend of mine was telling me about ephermity.  “Ephermi-what?” I asked. He admitted it was a word he had made up. It comes from ephemeral: fleeting, or not sticking around. A word that means the opposite to eternal.  Ephermity is the idea that what we say, do or create doesn’t physically last. But I thought,…
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Set Apart for Connection

Before I built a wall, I’d ask to know What I was walling in or walling out And to whom I was like to give offence. Robert Frost, Mending Wall, 1914 Here is a deep truth, that walls are built to keep some things in and some things out, but how does one tell the…
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Set Apart by God’s Blessings

In the classic Aussie movie, The Castle, whenever Darryl Kerrigan receives a valued gift, he declares: “This is going straight to the pool room!”  Along with trophies and photos of special moments, he was setting that item apart from everyday use. I remember as a child, we had a glass display cabinet with my mum’s…
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Set Apart for a Purpose

The Apostle Paul had been on the road along time. On his third missionary journey, beginning in Antioch, taking him all the way into Greece, and back again, he was on his way back to Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost. As he approached the coast of present-day Turkey, he drew close to some of…
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Forgiveness from God

Reading: Psalm 51:1-12 1-3 Generous in love—God, give grace! Huge in mercy—wipe out my bad record. Scrub away my guilt, soak out my sins in your laundry. I know how bad I’ve been; my sins are staring me down.(MSG) Previously I worked with people with different abilities, many having physical, mental needs, and acquired brain injuries.…
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Will We Have Enough?

Today (Sun) we will explore the question of whether we will have enough (something very topical given our current lockdown.)  But lurking behind this question is an even deeper question of whether we are enough in ourselves. This text is about God’s provision and his invitation for us to trust in him.  In this light,…
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