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“What Does this Mean?”

“What Does this Mean?”

An orange sunrise shines through the trees and upon a cross

Pentecost is all about the coming of the Holy Spirit.  This raised a lot of questions for those who saw and heard what the Spirit was doing.  First of all, there were the “tongues of fire,” which were a visible representation of the presence of the Spirit on the disciples.  And then the Spirit caused them to “speak in other tongues.”

With repetition of the word “tongues,” it’s understandable why some people might mistakenly think that the disciples were exercising the spiritual gift of “speaking in tongues.”  But that’s not the case.  The disciples were speaking real languages.  Luke explicitly says, “each one heard them speaking in his or her own language.”

Those who heard the disciples speaking, explained that “we hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues!”  The standout thing here is not so much the phenomena of the disciples speaking in other languages, but more about what they were saying in these different languages – the message they were sharing.

What was the Holy Spirit’s intention here?  To put on a good show?  Well, it certainly got people’s attention.  But that’s only a means to an end.  The goal here is for people to hear the Good News about Jesus.  To proclaim the greatest miracle of all: the resurrection of Christ and his victory over sin and death!

Finally, what does Pentecost mean for us here at Good Shepherd?  It means that the Holy Spirit is continuing to pour his power over our lives so we ourselves can believe in Jesus and then share that message with others; The Spirit is continuing to renew our hearts and change our lives so that we become more like Jesus and share his love with those around us; and the Spirit is filling us with peace and hope, so that we can persevere during this time of vacancy with determination and confidence.  The Holy Spirit is continuing to do what he’s always doing: drawing people into God’s Kingdom and growing God’s people in faith and love.

Pastor Richard Haar

Bible Reading: Acts 2:1-13

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Church News

There will be lay services at both service times on Sunday 12th June; as such there will be no Holy Communion on that day.

Prayer Requests

Please forward all prayer requests to the church office via churchenquiries@paravista.org.au or phone 8263 5087. If you know or have spoken to anyone who does not have access to a computer, please assist them to submit their request and offer to pray with them. Prayer requests are not included in the weekly news online. If you would like to view the current requests please refer to the email that alerted you to this Weekly News.

Ladies’ Fellowship

Remember tearing off all those stamps from envelopes, bringing them to church and placing them in a box called “Stamps for Missions”?

Good Shepherd Ladies’ Fellowship invite you to hear the story behind those stamps from Peter Nitschke, who has been involved with this ministry for almost 20 years.

Date: 7th June

Time: Regular meeting at 1pm, Peter to speak around 1:45pm

Place: Good Shepherd Lutheran 388 Montague Rd Para Vista Afternoon tea to follow.

Hostesses: Margaret Dohnt and Janice Lane

There will be an opportunity for a freewill offering. No trading table this time.

Please bring your Lutheran Women’s magazine and Bible with you.

Please do not come if unwell; mask wearing optional but preferable.

Please RSVP to Di Schlenk via email pdschlenk@internode.on.net or phone 0409 820 448.

Blair Athol Ladies Fellowship

You are warmly invited to watch a viewing of the film “Beautifully Broken”, hosted by the Hearts and Hands Ladies Fellowship.

Date & Time: 10th June, 7pm for 7:30pm start

Venue: St Paul’s Church, Audrey St Blair Athol

There will be fellowship time with wine, cheese, tea, and coffee to start, followed by the viewing.

There will be an opportunity for an offering.

RSVP to Renate Burls 0405 433 030 by 8th June.

Family Support Coordinator News, from Georgie

KAPS Kids and Parents Youth Event

Save the date:

Last Sunday night, May 29th, we held our first KAPS, Kids and Parents, youth event. The afternoon was filled with board games, big games, worship and to finish a pizza dinner with ice-cream for dessert. It also included a kids-vs-parents big game where the kids reigned supreme, causing the parents to perhaps cheat a little… Overall, it was a fantastic evening, and we are all keen for the next one on June the 26th. If you have a child/ grandchild in Years 4-7 we would love you to come along to join the fun!

School Snippets

At Good Shepherd we have a variety of experiences that students have the opportunity to participate in. Each Stage has a different look and is linked to appropriate student development. These experiences provide students with opportunities to engage and explore our world in a different context away from school.

Our Stage 4 students (Year 5 and 6) enjoyed their three days experience this week. Each student engaged in an adventure that related to an interest or passion. Experiences ranged from cake decorating to photography, kayaking to fishing at Port Victoria, a silent disco to coastal bike riding to name just a few! Have a look in this week’s school newsletter for more details!

Another highlight was that we were able to gather in the church for School Worship this week. We look forward to next week (Wednesday June 8) when we invite everyone along to Worship in the church; students, parents, and you, too! Face masks will be required for parents and visitors. To enter, please come in via the courtyard (not the Montague Road main entrance). Seating for non-school staff adults will be in the church hall (as the church auditorium will be full of children!)

The regular Week Five Newsletter is available for you to enjoy here on this link: https://bit.ly/3tbZZgV

Growing Faith at Home

Happy Pentecost everyone! At Pentecost, we celebrate how the Holy Spirit comes to help us believe and live as God’s children. Red is the colour of Pentecost and represents the flames of fire that descended on the followers of Jesus when the Holy Spirit came 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection. There are some interesting conversation starters on offer this week, but don’t forget that simply sharing your highs and lows of the day is a powerful way to connect with those you love.

Have a wonderful week everyone!









Junior Christian Life (JC Life) Camp

JC Life is a camp for young people in Years 4 -7. It is aimed at providing a fun, safe place for young people to meet others of their own age and grow in the relationship with God.  This year the camp’s theme is “Unlikely Heroes”. A generous sponsorship is on offer for all first-time campers attending camp in 2022. The camp will be held in the school holidays 11th-14th at Camp Kedron, Barmera.  For more information and to register head to blueprintministries.org.au and follow the links through to the JC Life camp section. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Georgie!

Metro CLW

Metro CLW is a camp for young people in Years 7-12. This year’s camp is held in the July school holidays, 11th-15th of July, at the Ankara Campsite at Walkers Flat.  The theme for camp is GLOW, based on Matthew 5:14-16. Pastor Stephen Schultz will be talking about how we can GLOW in our schools, workplaces and at home. There will be fun, games, worship, small group time, amazing food and even a gnome hunt!! A generous sponsorship is on offer for all first-time campers attending camp in 2022. For more information and to register head to blueprintministries.org.au and follow the links through to the Metro CLW camp section. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Nicole Pfeiffer or Georgie!











Young Adults 2022, Semester 2

The semester 2 events for Good Shepherd Young Adults have been decided!

Mark the dates and times in your calendar so that we can see you there.

Talk to Christa Schwarz if you have any questions.

Office News

Connect Cards

To enable us to keep in touch with you please collect a Connect Card on the way into church, fill it out and then place it in the offering bowl on the way out. As we still care for your health, please bring a pen to fill the card in.  If you are seated with a visitor, please encourage them to fill in a card so we can get them a thank-you via the post.

Office Hours/Staffing

While we are seeking to fill the office position hours and staffing will be as follows:

Mon:            Closed

Tues:            Open 9am-3pm. Closed for lunch 12.30-1.30pm. Stephen & Helen on site.

Wed:            Open 9am-3pm. Closed for lunch 12.30-1.30pm. Stephen on site.

Thurs:         Open 9am-3pm. Closed for lunch 12.30-1.30pm. Stephen & Tina on site.

Fri:               Office closed, Rachel working remotely.

Georgie is onsite at the school Tues-Fri.

Staff have a meeting Thurs, 9.30-10.30am.

Weekly News items are to be sent to churchenquiries@paravista.org.au or rachel.koopmans@paravista.org.au by Wednesday evening.

Out of hours, please leave a message on the answering system or email the office and staff will responded as soon as they are able.

Caretaking Volunteers Thank-You

A huge thank you to all those who volunteered their time in assisting us to support the Good Shepherd school with the SA Health pop up COVID-19 vaccination hub. It was an opportunity for school families and members of the community to have a local point for vaccination if they so chose.

Another opportunity to connect with our community by providing assistance in the form of hospitality and making connections will be available on the following date:

  • Friday 29 June 12.00pm to 5.00pm & Saturday 30 July 10.00am to 4.00pm

An hour or two of time is all that is required to become a physical part of our mission of reaching into the community. Please contact the office or Stephen with your availability.

Café Heating

The Café area is now heated.  To operate the system please follow the instructions placed alongside the controls. Remember to turn the unit off when you leave.

COVID Update

On May 24, 2022, the Emergency Management Declaration ceased in South Australia. COVID safe measures remain for some activities and places now defined by the Public Health Act.

We are no longer required to hold a COVID Safe Plan.  Covid Marshalls are no longer required and will be removed from the Rosters.  Hand sanitisers will be left in place and worship hosts are still encouraged to sanitise high touch points. Please consider the health and safety of others when attending and respect the discretion of individuals who choose to wear a mask.

Thanks to all members who have respected the requests of our leaders and continue to make our place of worship a safe place.

Stephen Zanker Congregational Administrator

We are a Covid-Safe Church

Please consider the health and safety of others and do not attend the church if you are feeling unwell. We continue to practice good hygiene and respect the discretion of individuals to wear/not wear a mask. Thank you!

Weekly News Submissions should be made by the Wednesday prior to Friday publication.

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