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Whispers of Love: Jeremiah 31:18-20

Whispers of Love: Jeremiah 31:18-20

‘Is not Ephraim my dear Son, the child in whom I delight?’ (Jeremiah 18:20).

It was not the people of Israel’s finest moment. Taken into exile by the Babylonians and advised by the prophet Jeremiah to settle in for the long haul (70 years – a whole lifetime), things must have felt bleak and hopeless for them. If ever there was a time when good news would be welcome, this was it. These chapters bring that hope. What might have been total extinction of their nation would instead become restoration and rejoicing. A new covenant (relationship) with God was about to begin. Jeremiah spoke to his audience of events that would happen in their near future but was also speaking of a future new relationship between God and his people which would be ushered in by Jesus himself.

In all the talk of exile, punishment, and prophecy, it’s easy to miss the whispers of love in these Old Testament passages. But here is one right in front of us today. If you are a parent, or if you love a child in your life, these words and the ones that follow may well resonate with you.  How much we love the little ones in our lives. Even when they become big, our hearts are for them and we want to the best for them. How much more does our Heavenly Father adore us. You are dear and delighted in. Carry those words with you today and talk with him about how that knowledge makes you feel.

Though we can and should hear the words personally, it’s also worth noting that they weren’t written to an individual, but to a community of God’s people.

What community do you find yourself in today, and where do you need to hear God’s whisper of love and faithfulness in it? A fractured, stressed out family? A group of friends? Your battle-weary church family? God delights over your communities as well and speaks those same words of hope, life, and love.

Just like the love we have for the children in our lives, your love for us is fierce and wonderful. Let our lives display the truth that we are precious and wanted, watched over and cheered on.

Sonia Hulme