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You Are Special

You Are Special

On Wednesday 30, our school community came together to celebrate the graduating children of Curiosity 2022.  This Blessing Service is a significant milestone for the children as they are celebrated for the unique and precious children they are.

There are many wonderful qualities that could be said of this group of children, however a special quality that they will be remembered for is their innate ability to encourage others.  They are children who are learning to see the beautiful and smallest details of how God has made others and use words or simple gestures such as hearts, thumbs up, pats on the back to show love and encouragement.  I think that this is a gift that God has given these children – to see others and be encouragers.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:11 it says: “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

Words are powerful, and in the Bible, it states that words can bring life or death, some profound words to ponder (Proverbs 18:21).

In the story, ‘You Are Special’ by Max Lucado, we read of a carved wooden character called Punchinello who lived in a town called Wemmicksville, a place where people were judged based on their abilities, gifts and talents.  If someone performed or lived their life well, a ‘star’ sticker was proudly placed upon them, however the opposite meant that you were branded with a grey dot.  Before long, this behaviour brought segregation to the town, showing a vast separation from people rather than seeing and valuing others for who they were, not what they could do.

Punchinello received many dots and words that did not bring life.  It wasn’t until he noticed another Wemmick who had no stars or stickers that he began a journey of self-discovery about who he was created by and how the Creator felt about him.  When Punchinello visits his creator Eli he hears these important words, “the stickers only stick if they matter to you.  The more you trust my love, the less you care about their stickers.”   The more of what we know of God’s love and heart for us and others, the more we should see the uniqueness in others and celebrate this.

How can we be people who encourage each other as we see the unique and special ways, we have all been created to be?  Who can you encourage with God’s love today?

For our Curiosity children – I pray that you will continue to grow in your understanding of who God has created you to be, and that you will take this gift of encouragement into your futures to encourage and build others up.

Blessings to you All,

Jacqui Gliddon – ELC Director