388 Montague Rd Para Vista SA 5093 Australia
+61 8 8263 5087

Curiosity Early Learning Centre

​CURIOSITY Early Learning Centre is a place where our children and their families are, ‘Active, Connected and Growing for LIFE’. 

Our Early Learning Centre environments and projects are designed to promote each child’s curiosities and wonders in an inclusive space where they are supported to become confident, independent and active problem solvers with the understanding that they are valued contributors to society.  ​

Our philosophy speaks into our School’s core values of Love, Optimism and Creativity, rooted in a deep understanding that because of God’s love for the world and his heart for community, we are made ‘one in Christ’.  We value each child as equal citizens in our community, appreciating the unique differences found within each child. For more information, head to http://gspv.sa.edu.au/early-learning-centre.html

or contact the centre direct, on

(08) 7127 2820 (inc. outside of hours)
mob. 0408 226 664